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Comment Re:Hi, you don't "get it" (Score 1) 453

HyperCard became AppleScript and the Web; OpenDoc was an interesting technological experiment, but completely unnatural to use in that people expect their tools to be task oriented and not document-centric; AppleWorks is still around, if being supplanted by Pages and such. As for the meaning of common English words, I don't know about you, but I've never considered English a tidy language, nor have I ever considered myself a slave to Merriam and Webster.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Stallman's Hypocrisy

TheAmigo writes: If Richard Stallman is such a friend of freedom why was he recently in Cuba attending a conference hosted by Ramiro Valdez, Cuba's "spanking new minister of information and technology", as reported by Newsmax. From The Article: "Everyone familiar with Cuban history (this naturally excludes all the MSM Cuba experts) know Ramiro Valdez as the Cuban regime's Lavrenti Beria, with a dash of Heinrich Himmler. This was a position he inherited when his chum Ernesto "Che" Guevara was promoted from Cuba's chief executioner to minister of the economy, where he murdered the Cuban economy as efficiently as he had murdered hundreds of defenseless Cuban men (and boys.)"
My favorite part of the article: "Here's a fanatic for free information flow accepting accolades from a regime that jails the most journalist per capita on planet earth."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - UK government ministers hacked by impressionist

crush writes: From the social-engineering-101 department: The well-known British impressionist and comedian Rory Bremner pulled off an amazing coup when he managed to get British cabinet ministers Peter Hain and Margaret Beckett to talk to him about highly confidential Labour Party internal matters. Imitating the (inimitable!) gruff scots accent of Gordon Brown (who is the likely succesor to Tony Blair) he was quickly transferred by Downing St. switchboard operators to the private lines of senior cabinet members. Margaret Beckett appears to have divulged 10 minutes of sensitive information to Bremner's tape-recorder. "Security is all about people" is hopefully a message to which this identity-card pushing government will wise up as a result of this exposure. Bremner is going to publish the tapes on the net.

Submission + - Broken Daylight Savings Patch?

lys1123 writes: "Windows Update on our work computers automatically installed an update over the weekend and now the NUnit testing on our current project has gone from all green to all red. The reason? Our test data includes data that was inserted on 11/01/2005 and this is now being treated as Daylight Savings Time instead of Standard time. Has anyone else run into this problem? Have you found any fixes that actually work?"

Submission + - Full .NET application running on Linux

An anonymous reader writes: It seems there could be a place for Mono on the Linux GUI game. Many people thought Mono was going to be an easy way to port .NET Windows apps to Linux, but at the end it was just a new development platform. But it seems after release 1.2, Mono is reaching an acceptable maturity level.

Today I just checked Codice's Software blog,, a small start-up company developing a new version control system. Their product, named Plastic, is fully written in .NET/Mono, and they finally made the GUI client run on Mono/Linux. It is probably one of the best looking SCM systems running on Linux. Is worth to have a look into it.

Have a look at the following post at their blog: -scm-running-on-sled-mono.html

A Criticism of Race Portrayal in Games 141

Joystiq points out (and comments incitefully on) a two-part examination of African-American roles in videogames on the site Black Voice News. Series author Richard Jones takes the videogame industry to task for the numerous poor images that young black people have to compare themselves to. He singles out Carl Johnson, the protagonist of GTA: San Andreas as an example. Jones also acknowledges that 'the video game industry is all about money', pointing out the unfortunate lack of black designers and illustrators in the industry to sway the creative choices of publisheres and developers. He gives a call to arms to black players, saying they should focus some of their passion on the skills required to make games. They'd get rich, he says, and work to reverse some of the negative stereotypes that non-whites are subject to in games. The Opposable Thumbs blog takes a critical look at his argument, offering up another side to the story. While it's obvious that Mr. Jones doesn't have a great grasp on the games industry itself, he would seem to make a few valid points as well.

Feed Learning How to Regrow Fingers (

A new federally funded project should help scientists learn how some animals regenerate body parts so well. They hope to apply the lessons to humans. By the Associated Press.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - How Steve Jobs Played Hardball in iPhone Birth

Carl Bialik from WSJ writes: "Apple bucked the rules of the cellphone industry when creating the iPhone by wresting control away from normally powerful wireless carriers, the Wall Street Journal reports. From the article: 'Only three executives at the carrier, which is now the wireless unit of AT&T Inc., got to see the iPhone before it was announced. Cingular agreed to leave its brand off the body of the phone. Upsetting some Cingular insiders, it also abandoned its usual insistence that phone makers carry its software for Web surfing, ringtones and other services. ... Mr. Jobs once referred to telecom operators as "orifices" that other companies, including phone makers, must go through to reach consumers. While meeting with Cingular and other wireless operators he often reminded them of his view, dismissing them as commodities and telling them that they would never understand the Web and entertainment industry the way Apple did, a person familiar with the talks says.'"

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