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Comment Re:Military grade? (Score 2) 108

Military Grade is the same as ridiculously expensive items that is hard to maintain and requires special training to operate. Usually only available at universities, military or other government function where money is not an issue when you buy hardware only when talking labor cost. So basically the exact opposite of "Commercial grade".


Comment One idea... (Score 3, Interesting) 420

Stop beeing retards and do internal invoicing. Not like the board of directors is billing "per decision". IT department as a billing self ruling department is so damn stupid. And no one seem to understand it. It is like having a fire department only going to fires that is in line with their mission statement.

And having an it department invocing per GB instead of having a budget for storage and then the company can allocate it as they please. And if someone has a bigger need, it should be a question for the company. Not a matter of giving a profitable it department.

Comment I like them (Score 1) 646

I have used glossy screens for a long time and I like them a lot. Even outside I think they are much better, yes you can get glare but they are alot more vibrant so you can actually see what is on the screen. The matte screen I had before, was unreadable outside. All the light was "cough" in the glass above the LCD and that made it very hard to read.

This is just my very personal opinion on the subject at hand of course.

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