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Submission + - Microsoft migrating Live Spaces users to WordPress (

An anonymous reader writes: Microsoft has decided it can’t compete with the established blogging platforms out there and will instead embrace one of them.

Talking at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference, Dharmesh Mehta, Director of Product Management for Windows Live announced that all existing Windows Live Spaces users will be migrated over to an account at

This decision is one Microsoft has prepared for, and Automattic CEO, Toni Schneider, the company that runs and develops the WordPress platform, was also present on stage with Mehta. The two companies have worked together to ensure Spaces users will take all of their data with them when migrating and have visitors automatically forwarded to the new URL associated with their blog.


Submission + - The Web’s Welfare Readers (

JimLynch writes: There’s a new kind of person visiting web sites these days, I call them the web’s “welfare readers.” These are folks who feel deeply entitled to free content, without any sense of obligation to give anything back to the sites that produce the content they enjoy so much. Who the heck are these welfare readers? I’ll explore that in this column.

Submission + - How some musicians thrive in post-mp3 world (

Death Metal Maniac writes: "Our audience is so loyal that a record company would be more than happy to release an album because they know that they'll sell a guaranteed number – more than your top artists sometimes, who get paid millions and only sell 20,000 copies. There's three major record companies. We've been on all the three. Every one of them would be more than happy to do a Slayer record, and a lot of the stuff we do is like that: "Sure, we'll do that." We're fortunate for our hardcore loyal fans. Every record that we've had has at least gone Gold [sales of 500,000]. When we sell tickets for tours, we can pretty much guarantee how many people we'll have as a total number in audience."

Submission + - Uk anti-filesharing law firm hacked, hilarities en (

RMH101 writes: Absolute gold. ACS Law, who are one of 2 uk law firms responsible for sending out generic threatening letters to sky broadband customers for alleged illegal downloads, get ddosed by 4chan and then 350mb of their data seeded. Includes massive data protection breach as 4000 sky broadband customers details leaked and accused of downloading porn, personal emails from law firm, embassssing financials etc.
Absolute comedy gold.

Submission + - Gizmodo editor Jason Chen turns Nazi Moderator (

An anonymous reader writes: Gizmodo Editor Jason Chen, best known for his house being raided by police for buying a stolen iPhone prototype, has turned Nazi Moderator after recently suspending a Gizmodo user that posted that a similar product was much cheaper than the review product. When other Gizmodo readers ask what happened he said: "Yup, that would have been fine. Saying it does exactly the same thing, when it doesn't, is not. We expect star commenters to be better than normal ones, and this one wasn't."

Submission + - Cheap, Glasses-Free 3D Coming to iPhone, iPod (

itwbennett writes: Nintendo this week will be announcing ship dates and pricing for its new 3D handheld gaming system, but a company called Spatial View is beating Nintendo to the 3D punch. Spatial View is 'launching a glasses-free 3D system for (initially) the iPhone & iPod Touch, with iPad support to follow later in the Fall and Android support further down the road,' says blogger Peter Smith. 'The system is comprised of an app and a lens holder that you slide your device into. The lens holder places a lenticular lens over the screen of your device and the app does the magic of using the lens to send slightly different images to each eye, creating the 3D effect.' The cost? Just $20 for the hardware component. 'Now to be fair to the Nintendo 3DS, Spatial View is targeting this at movies and photos and not games, but if the system does well maybe that will change,' says Smith.

Submission + - Google Kills the Nexus One, Pushes the Incredible

Hugh Pickens writes: "CNN reports that Google has announced it will stop selling the Nexus One, its first and possibly only foray into the smartphone world. Running on Google's Android operating system, the Nexus One was released in January to mostly positive reviews and early users compared it favorably to the iPhone but sales were anemic, with the phone selling only 135,000 units in roughly the same time it took the iPhone and the Droid — Motorola's phone that runs the Android system — to sell 1 million. Many blamed Google's experimental try at selling the Nexus One only in its online store. The company abandoned that approach in May, offering the phone in brick-and-mortar stores for the first time. Recently, Google has been pushing Android users to phones made by other manufacturers, such as the HTC Droid Incredible, a phone that is strikingly similar to the Nexus One sharing much the same hardware specs – 1Ghz Snapdragon processor, 512MB RAM, 3G data, WiFi, GPS, microSD card slot."

Submission + - Researchers Create 4nm Transistor with 7 Atoms (

EmagGeek writes: "University researchers have created a transistor by replacing just seven atoms of silicon with phosphorous. The seven-atom transistor has very hopeful implications for the future of quantum cryptography, nuclear and weather modeling, and other applications.

"The significance of this achievement is that we are not just moving atoms around or looking at them through a microscope," says Professor Michelle Simmons, a co-author of a paper on the subject that is being published by Nature Nanotechnology. The paper is entitled "Spectroscopy of Few-Electron Single-Crystal Silicon Quantum Dots".

"We are manipulating individual atoms and placing them with atomic precision, in order to make a working electronic device," elaborated Simmons. "We have replaced just seven individual silicon atoms with phosphorus atoms. That is amazing exactness"."

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