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Comment Re:Some of the best satire (Score 2) 333

If "civilized" consequences for irresponsible, harmful speech existed, then barbaric ones would be less likely. What recourse do people have whom witness irresponsible/evil actors corrupting and manipulating the ignorant and naive? We have laws against physical corruption, but precious few for intellectual.

Comment Re: Crybaby (Score 1) 164

"It is a system meant to balance the needs of high population areas and low population areas so that it isn't a tyranny..." Not quite. Its a system designed to work with two limitations. One was the technology of the time. The second was the uncooperative states; they were offered more voting power than otherwise entitled in order to entice them along. The founders of this system were not fans of it themselves, but offering some states increased voting power was the only way to get those states to commit. Our founding fathers didn't like this system, but it was as close to a democracy as could be created given the players. Personally,I think every vote should be counted, and the electoral college scrapped. It is outdated.

Comment Re:Windows Store/Universal Platform (Score 1) 164

We had a hard enough time getting our customers to drop XP, and that was predicated upon the notion that security updates were no longer going to be forthcoming from Microsoft. We've got another 3 years to go before we'll be able to even consider such things--when MS ends Windows 7 extended support.

Comment Re:hardly surprising (Score 1) 314

That would only apply if teachers produced investment bankers. Teachers produce the foundation, the student the building.

If a person learns how to produce a widget with fewer resources, then that person has left over resources with which to produce other widgets. The more widgets, the more value produced by that person. If a burger flipper busts his butt to flip 20% more burgers than his peers he hasn't accomplished much. But, if he gets an education that affords him the ability to create a robot that replaces all his peers for a fraction of the cost he's truly produced something more valuable than his present station; he will realize the increase. It is perfectly logical.

Of course bootstrapping exists. Who said anything about an individual climbing the ladder all by themselves? I apply myself so that my children can start from a higher position. That is the noble goal of all good parents. My father was a timber faller, my mother a homemaker. I took the position they gave me on the ladder and ran with it. Today I am the chief engineer of a medical software company. Children can squander the opportunity given, absolutely. But their progeny will suffer a loss of station.

Comment Re:Let's face it (Score 1) 146

Axanar Productions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All staff are employees and Alec was paid an earth-shattering $38K last year for his 60 hour work weeks. Mean while he guaranteed a $250K 3-year lease for the building housing the production set. Other staff have tossed large sums of personal money into the coffers as well. While the numbers themselves are in a different league, the business model is resemblant of grandmas selling their knit doilies at a craft fair to pay for more knitting supplies.

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