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Comment Re:Signed drivers? (Score 2) 191

So you're saying there's code in there along the lines of:

void usb_insertion_handler(string vendorid, string modelid, usbcontext context) {
. Driver d = DriverDB.find("usb/" + vendorid + "/" + modelid);

. if(d.signed()) {
. . d.load();
. . d.init(context);
. } else {
. . // alert("Driver not signed, device inserted in " + context.description + " cannot be used at this time"); -- 02/03/16 ska - not Microsofty enough

. . // Events.WriteEvent("usbsubsystem", "Driver unsigned, not loaded 0x80039193"); -- 02/10/16 jrh - good, those idiots will probably search for that number, sucks to be them when there's nothing on our website about it, hahahaha! -- 02/11/16 ska - not good enough, try again

. . System.BSOD(); // Crash, because clearly there's no better way to handle this problem
. }

Comment Fun Fact: Solar and Wind cheaper than Fossil Fuel (Score 2) 571

Without the 90 percent massive subsidies that fossil fuels get, in depreciation, cheap federal and state lands (mining regs), escaping penalties for pollution by bankruptcy, and literal cash infusions for fossil fuel industries, they would be bankrupt today.

Let's help them along and get rid of all fossil fuel vehicle and business tax exemptions, tax deductions, regulatory escapes, and all the other things that subsidize these inefficient fossil fuel dinosaurs.


Comment Re:Can you handle the truth? I didn't think so. (Score 1) 571

Why do we care?

Because humans have been around only a fraction of the time that dinosaurs existed (a very very very small fraction), and we've already survived at least three extinction level events. Our track record is pretty bad.

We don't need more things pushing us to extinction, no matter how convenient they are for you as an individual.

Comment Re:So global warming started... (Score 1) 571

No, it started well after humans started adding significantly to the amount of CO2. But it wouldn't have been a surprise if it had started before the industrial revolution began, because humans were already pumping out huge amounts of CO2 for things like steel making. It's just that process accelerated 200-250 years ago as demand for steel increased and as we started using heat energy for machines.

Journal Journal: Shouldn't need to say "I didn't care much for Gawker but..."

The fact you have to bend over backwards to disassociate yourself with Gawker before pointing out that Thiel's assault on it was a dangerous attack on free speech is a dangerous sign that we've already drifted a fairly long distance towards fascism.

And, FWIW, if Thiel had bankrolled Elton John's (far more legitimate) lawsuits against The Sun newspaper in the 1980s, and bankrupted Rupert Murdoch as a result, there'd have been a public outcry in Britain.

Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 1) 221

Bankruptcy was an absurd punishment over a celebrity sex tape.

This was never about a sex tape. It was about Thiel being pissed about an expose of homophobia within silicon valley in which he was outed. The original article Gawker published about him was actually, ironically enough, relatively good journalism, about a matter of legitimate public interest, only partially spoiled by Gawker's carelessness.

You may want billionaires to dictate who can and who can't write the news. Me? I'd rather not live in a thielocracy.

Comment The best solution for Lousiana and Gulf aid (Score 1) 413

The best solution for Louisiana and Gulf coast aid for storms is simple.

Rezone all new buildings for solar and wind power only.

And build them on stilts.

Don't accept excuses.

This will both help the locals - as solar gets more efficient due to global warming and revitalize American construction industries, since construction labor is local for the most part.

Anything else is a total and utter waste of time.

Oh, and cancel all flood insurance over $1 million for any residential property.

Let the market fix the problem, not the tax subsidized fossil fuel No Change communism.

Comment Re:None of this solves real world problems (Score 1) 82

The discussion was the appropriate use of game sims in training. Game sims are very useful in expensive training to get basic operations skills and certain techniques down, but they tend to have certain flaws, due to the nature of how we design the sims.

If, for example, we expect to be continuing operations in certain desert and mountain terrains, which we will (unless something happens), we need to account for the actual extremes in actual operations in those climates.

We can do those in sims, to a certain extent, or we can realize those work better in actual physical training exercises supplemented by sims to teach basic operations, basic faults, highly likely combat impacts (stoppages and immediate actions), and highly likely environmental impacts (excessive heat, visibility and temperature control failure).

And, I served. Carp happens. Sims only work so far. Failure to train for that leaves one vulnerable, or like the stupid movies and commercials walking on a ridge so that everyone in the world can pick up your exact location from heat IR UV and basic line of sight silhouette optics. Or driving an armored vehicle into a bad situation you could have avoided.

Who do you think was in Afghanistan when the US Army bugged out off mission to Iraq? It wasn't unicorns, that's for sure.

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