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Comment Re:Linux Gaming Support (Score 1) 283

How has the way the Linux kernel is managed negatively affected proprietary graphics card drivers?

By not supporting a stable ABI and API for binary drivers. You can take a WinVista driver written in 2006 and still install it and use it today on a fully updated and supported OS. Linux doesn't offer any kind of binary compatibility remotely comparable.

Users appreciate minor OS updates not breaking their drivers. Hardware vendors appreciate not having to chase whatever direction the kernel devs are going to keep their drivers working.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 809

In context, with Trump denying the DNC hack was Russia trying to help Trump out, yes, this one can be seen as a very obvious joke. Just because he frequently makes horrific statements doesn't mean he doesn't occasionally also make jokes.

I don't think he's ever claimed that the wall comment was a joke. I don't think he ever will.

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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 0) 809

He was making a f---ing joke. He has brushed off the notion that Russia was doing the hacking in the first place. He made the comment at a press conference intending to ridicule the concept, not via a semi-secret text message to Vladimir Putin.

I'm no Trumpist, I mean, I'm going to vote for Hillary Clinton in November and you have NO IDEA how little I want to do that, but I'm in Florida, so my vote may make a difference between Trump or Clinton, and Trump really is THAT BAD. But, in this one instance, the collective left and political establishment has lost their minds, and apparently their sense of humor.

Comment Re:What if you're part of the firefighting effort? (Score 1) 167

The original article in security shows that this is only for civilian use. Military and firefighting use of drones is exempt. However, it was silent as to whether police use was permitted, as they may stray into fire operations areas and incorrectly use drones to "find crimes", which is not the role of the military and firefighting units (translation: don't trust cops).

Comment Actually it's an app drone users must use (Score 1) 167

If you go to the original security milspec descriptions, you'll find it's an app that all drone users must use if they are operating in or near wildfire warning areas, whenever the fire threat level is above a certain threshold.

Not checking the app means you will be fined or jailed.

It's up to you of course.

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