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Comment Big deal. (Score 1) 307

No, as a pretty experienced C programmer too, it's *really* hard to find people who are even vaguely competent C programmers.

Big deal. Try finding vaguely competent PHP programmers or LAMP Webstack programmers in general - that's a real drag.

Finding competent C programmers is probably compareatively easy, because whoever picked up C probably knows what he/her got him/herself into. At least after a week or so. So whoever voluntarily programms in C usually knows what problems they'll be facing.

Comment This is what I'd need to consider buying the XBone (Score 1) 140

Zero-fuss Mouse + Keyboard + Homeworld Deserts of Kharak. That would make me curious.

Basically it goes like this:
Turn the XBox One into an affordable zero-fuss gaming PC and I'm in.

Since that's not happening because it would directly canibalise MSes OEM market - probably the only place they still make money selling Windows - this most probably won't happen.

So, no, I don't think I'm getting an XBone.

Concerning consoles in general: I see their point and I do have the last edition of the XBox 360 (my very first console) + ~30 bargain-bin priced GOTY/Ultimate/Directors-Cut/Platinum Edition gaming titles that each have won multiple awards for being excellent, superb and whatnot. The whole package was dirt-cheap and I have gaming fun for years to come - so no big pressure here to get a new console.

Comment No. I wait a few years. Always. (Score 1) 151

I switched from Snow Leopard to Maveriks roughly 2 years ago, and only because a piece of software - I think it was Kaleidoscope - didn't work with Snow Leopard anymore. Maveriks is staying. Don't see me moving to El Capitan with my 2011 MB Air anytime soon.
As for my Linux Workstation Laptop: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS it still is. I might upgrade within the next 10 months or so.

I stick with tried, true and mature Software for all mission critical stuff. It's annoying enough as it is upgrading from one version to the next. Might aswell be one that is known to work. That and skipiing every odd version at least works for me aswell.

Comment Shame I don't have ... (Score 1) 126

... my old Cyrix 200+ with 75Mhz Motherboard running Windows 3.11 and DOS 5 around anymore. Dang, missed a free laptop. ...

However; I do have my Sharp PC 1403 lying right here, strip-printer, datasette and all. I wonder it that counts. It *is* a PC - as in Pocket Computer - but a PC none-the-less. It's got kick-ass multimedia capabilities too - as you can see here. I'd be impressed if they get Windows 10 running on that.

But I'll also take the free Laptop, thank you.

Comment Re:I hope it goes without bloodshed ... (Score 1) 153

Who the hell are you to decide what's right and wrong for Turkey? That's nobody's business but the Turks. They'll decide for themselves what they want to have, and if Islam is what they want then that's what they get. Erdogan was elected democratically.

So was Hitler. The point about democracy is that even its elected leaders have to follow its rules. Which Erdogan evidently doesn't. He redoes the constitution to suit his whim, cleanses Universities, locks away people not in party line, removes power from the courts, incites witch-hunts, has close to 300 charges for "insulting the president" ongoing including the incarceration of minors, etc. I'm not the guy to ask for military coups and apparently, as news rolls in, this isn't quite the usual coup but some other faction just as backwards as the guy in charge. Also, it didn't go without bloodshed. ~300 people dead. Not what anybody wanted.

But (big BUT): Now that Erdogan apparently has come out on top he'll probably turn turkey into a theo- and autocratic state even more so. I hope he doesn't, but I don't expect anything else from a guy who builds himself a presidential palace with 1000 rooms on tax money desperately needed elsewhere or does the things I mentioned above.

Make no mistake, Turkey is on the downslope and unless Erdogan takes this occasion to take a step back and start repairing the divide between conservative ismalists and kemalists, I see dark times coming up for Turkey. It's under this impression that one might had hoped for a coup that sort of works our for everybody in the end, but I guess those hopes weren't warranted.

My 2 cents.

Comment I hope it goes without bloodshed ... (Score 4, Informative) 153

... and I hope the military wins and reestablishes a working Kemalism.

Erdogan was a huge leap backwards for Turkey. They need to reestablish secularism and seperation of power.
And new rules and a new democratic election.

Keep your fingers crossed.
My thoughts and hopes are with Turkey now. Yours should be too.

My 2 Eurocents.

Comment Null Island, Pacific style (Score 1) 91

A long time ago I was working with GPS applications and their internal representation of longitude meant our Null Island was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 0 north, 180 west.

We figured out the conventions of the mapping application we were using (no Google Maps yet, and the documentation was vague) by trial and error. Our first attempts to plot GPS fixes from a drive along a local freeway showed a blank area with no freeway, nor much of anything else. We found that we were drawing a map centred on 49 degrees north (correct) but 123 degrees east, out in the middle of nowhere near the border between China, Mongolia and Russia. Nearest town Harbin, China...


Submission + - The Dubious Claim of a World Helium Shortage (

szczys writes: Helium is an important commodity for health care (MRI machines), scientific research, and for the delight of toddlers everywhere. This last use has been called out as a waste, with figures like "$100 per balloon" decried over the actual price of under fifty cents per balloon. But alarms about world supply and inflated cost are overblown. Helium is a non-renewable resource that is found as a byproduct of natural gas production, in rich deposits like the one recently discovered in Tanzania, and other natural sources. Since the US removed price controls on Helium in 1996, supply and demand have kicked in, normalizing use and production to fluctuate with market price.

Comment Truely switching? Once a decade ... roughly. (Score 2) 331

I don't do ActionScript anymore (for Obvious reasons) and I've been doing more serious JavaScript lately (same reasons).

I moved into 'serious' PHP roughly 5 years back and will probably use it for another few years. I do various PLs on the side (C#, Python) but not as a mainstay.

I've been trying to pick up a truly compiled language (C++) for decades and now will probably finally do so. I generally like to pick up languages I expect to use until the day I die. That's why I only use FOSS PLs - ActionScript was a sole exception to that.

My 2 Eurocents.

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