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Comment Re:CA requires commercial licenses for pickup truc (Score 2) 216

>For instance: I bought a pickup truck, to use as a tow vehicle for my camper and my wife's boat. Then I discovered that CA requires pickup trucks to be tagged with a (VERY pricey) commercial license, regardless of whether they're used for business.

What the hell kind of pickup truck are you driving? My father's got an enormous GMC R3500 from the late 80s and it works just fine for hauling and towing a variety of things, and he's got it on a normal license.

I suspect you're pissed off because you didn't do your research and bought a commercial truck with a GVWR too high for your license, and are trying to shift the blame onto California.

Comment Re:The actual appeal (Score 1) 240

Amen. I had a "good camera" (a Canon Digital Rebel XSi) when I was in high school that I saved up for months to buy, and I used it regularly to take hundreds of pretty crappy photographs. After I graduated, I decided to take a black-and-white photography class in college, which required a film camera. A friend of mine gave me a Mamiya 645 medium format SLR. Having to pay for each photo I took, and only having 15 shots to a roll, changed my way of doing things, and now I take photographs that are pretty decent (at least compared to my earlier days) and only touch my DSLR when I need to sell something on eBay.

Comment Re:bad deal. (Score 1) 449

The Schumann resonance which the earth produces and all life is dependent on is literally being over powered by microwaves and other EMF causing all these different phenomena, including conditions like anxiety and schizophrenia.

Can I have some of what you're smoking? Whatever it is it sounds like it's good shit

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