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Comment Re:Not just at the border... (Score 1) 319

About ten years ago, I remember passing through a temporary checkpoint with my dog on NY highway 30 just north of Tupper Lake on our way camping at Old Forge. I'm Canadian. My car has a Quebec licence plate. They waved me through like it was a construction site. I wonder what they were looking for if they didn't want to talk to a non-American.

Comment Re:Indication smartphones are under pricing pressu (Score 1) 158

I have owned an iPhone 5 for three years. I love it as much as one can love an electronic device. It replaced a 3Gs. The 5 does all I want it to do and I am in no hurry to replace it. Until apps won't update or run at level that I am happy with. I was willing to not buy an iPhone next time because I don't want a big phone or pay $1000 for a phone. This might make me consider an iPhone in a year or two when this one has reached end of useful life.

Comment "Software" programs (Score 3, Funny) 28

Every time I see an article mentioning "software programs" I cringe. I guess they're different from "hardware programs" or "exercise programs" or you can just call it "software" like everyone else. It reads like someone still uses a typewriter and not one of these fancy new computers using "word processing software programs". *sigh*

Comment Re:FP? (Score 1) 942

Seems like you fucking Canadians have the same problem. The speed limit is 65 miles per hour. Not kilometers. Move your fucking minivan over to the slow lane. I'm looking at you, lady with the Quebec plates!

As a slow driving lady with a Quebec licence plate. (Our cars only have a plate on the back), I resent you implying that I have a minivan, you insensitive clod.

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