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Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 881

Maybe you should have learned your way around a milling machine instead of just a keyboard. Record number of unfilled positions for skilled machinists, welders, and the like. Anyone telling you they can't find work is either lazy or lying.

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 881

People who peddle hysteria are often trying to sell me something. People who hype the next great disruptive thing are also frequently trying to sell me something. You're doing both. You're not going to get twice the customers.

Steel is still steel. Wood is still wood. A hundred years ago the production of both was mechanized and the installation of both was manual, just like today. You are just as bad as Parag Khanna: you're using words and forming them into sentences that are syntactically valid and pretty-sounding but completely divorced from reality.

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 881

Too much Star Trek as a kid is my diagnosis for the cause of your thinking. Here in real life, robots can't do shit, google image search AI runs on a giant room full of servers and gets a hit rate of about half, and your cell phone is hand-assembled. People would know that if they didn't wrap themselves in a plastic utopia and people who actually do things and make things (bits, bytes, and physical objects) for a living half always known that. By the time any of your fears come to life, in maybe a millenium, time will sort it all out.

Comment Re:A UBI can actually foster more jobs (Score 0) 881

Yeah. Let's subsidize stupid even more.

The reason those people are afraid to quit their "dead end" jobs (which used to be known as gainful employment) is that their ideas are shit and if they can't raise any capital for it, odds are they can't make money, jobs, or widgets worth a damn if given the chance to. Entrepreneurship should be hard. Raising money should be hard. Weeds out the really stupid ideas before they have a chance to waste investors' money.

If the bank where you had your savings or the brokerage that administers your 401k decided to blanket invest 100k in every fool idea that walked in the door, you'd probably be the first to yank your money and put it somewhere where the people managing it aren't splitting their all of their chips on all the numbers on every single roll. But somehow it's a good idea in your mind if the government did it for all of us??! Are you fucking high? How is that responsible?

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 0) 881

Every generation thinks it invented sex drugs and rock and roll. But I assure you that every generation also thinks it has invented the raving lunatic with a sandwich board warning us all that the end is near. The fact that the SEIU may have found a way to dress up its perpetual quest for handouts and free shit in that sandwich board doesn't change a damn thing. There will always be gainful employment for the people who want them and sloth should always be called for being the cardinal sin that it is. Changing times are not an excuse to lay back, smoke pot, and watch porn on other people's dime.

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