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Comment Re:Dumb (Score 5, Insightful) 140

I'll tell you exactly why: only a small segment of the population (maybe 1%) has figured out that the point of using computers, as opposed to doing things with pencil and paper, is precisely that computers do exactly the things they are told in exactly the order they are told, every time vs humans who don't. That 1% has always understood that the hard part isn't crunching the numbers, and never has been; the hard part is figuring out what operations to do in what order to get the right answer.

The rest are (and always have been) operating under the misapprehension that computers are electronic brains or oracles that you can converse with as you would another human being.

The fact that people like Vanevar Bush and Norbert Weiner encouraged this attitude in their attempt to explain computers to 'the common man' did more damage to the public perception of computing than anything else because it was done early and set the tone for public perceptions and those public perceptions are the first thing that almost everyone encounters first in their lives, whether they go on to be an MBA in the corner office or whether they go on to be a kernel hacker who makes more money than the MBA for shaving a few microseconds off of a trade an HFT software stack.

Comment Hmmm. Looks like the old GM is back. (Score 1) 25

Before bankruptcy, bailout, and restructuring, something like half of GM's business was financial and know...making cars. I suppose it's a bit of an improvement that the acquisition was for a company that has *something* to do with cars at least, but it sure does look the same old bean counters are back in charge. Shame too. I like my pre-bailout chevy and was thinking of getting a new one in a couple of years. If the same old story is getting a Hollywood reboot, I might just need to wait it out or get a Toyota.

Comment What sort of thought process (Score 0) 71

allows a human being to conclude that bits they transmit in the clear from their devices while physically out on the public sidewalk using a protocol that by design and by physical necessity allows and requires uniquely identifying the transmission source...should somehow be private?

Get over it tinfoil hatters, things that happen in public are public for all to see. If you want complete privacy, then conduct your business behind closed doors, but make sure you get some trusted body doubles to walk around elsewhere in plain view so that The Man doesn't can't know for sure who it is that goes into or out of said doors.

Comment Yeah, but (Score 1) 351

it'll probably taste like shit, so only if there's no real stuff around. It's unscientific, but fresh tomatoes from my own plants taste better than even 'local' farmers market stuff, free range eggs taste better than factory farm stuff, and my assumption is that the large scale fabrication of lab grown meat will be driven by cost and safety (in some order of precedence), not by taste.

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