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Comment Requires W10 or El Capitan (Score 4, Informative) 55

I taught a Minecraft class last year at our school last year for 3rd-8th grade kids. They tolerated Minecraft EDU, but would rather just play on servers or in LAN world as a regular Minecraft Client.

They won't be having the class this year as the Education Edition requires them to upgrade their lab to Windows 10. They aren't going to do that and want linux in the classroom. Now that Education Edition requires W10 for both client/server, I no longer have any interest in the 'value add' of the EDU product.

I can almost appreciate the need for a W10 server, but requiring all clients to be on W10? No thanks.


Reporters Without Borders Unblocks Access To Censored Websites 37

Mark Wilson writes Online censorship is rife. In many countries, notably China, citizens are prevented from accessing certain websites at the behest of their government. To help provide access to information and unbiased news, freedom of information organization Reporters Without Borders has set up mirrors to nine censored websites so they can be accessed from 11 countries that blocked them. As part of Operation Collateral Freedom, Reporters Without Borders is mirroring the likes of The Tibet Post International which is blocked in China, and Gooya News which is blocked in Iran. Mirrored sites are hosted on Amazon, Microsoft and Google servers which are unlikely to be blocked by a censoring country.

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