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Comment Re:Give up (Score 1) 435

at 59 I started leaning Swedish. this year at 60, I started learning hebrew (Israeli GF), brython bottle and bootstrap. Learning more marketing and business development skills. I'm starting to think older developers need to form a coop with some marketing/sales people to sell their skills, extract products out of the contract work and make a future for themselves.

Comment Re:"Always remain unemployed" (Score 2, Insightful) 272

Competency is only a small factor in hiring. It's an economic decision by the hiring company. It's a political/subjective decision by the hiring manager/HR as well as the ongoing hunt for the purple squirrel. Like many "seasoned" IT people, I've gotten tremendous feedback from a variety of sources that I'm damned competent but, because I wasn't under 35, had a life, knew how to say no I wasn't considered to be "good employee material". The perception that layoffs only get rid of deadwood from a company is a fallacy. Layoffs are random good and bad people are laid off and simply discriminating against someone because they've been laid off is shortsighted but isn't likely to change.

Comment Re: A poor craftsman blames his tools. (Score 1) 531

Yes it is hard to find good people. It's always been hard to find good people but the best company I ever worked for had a good 30 to 40% women programmers. We also had a significant number of graybeards who were tasked with the responsibility of training good behavior into the young punks. These graybeards also encourages young punks to teach them something new. So, if you want good people, they come in all ages and genders. You have to be willing to have your senior people set the right standard that everybody else has to live up to.

Comment Re:What about clutter? (Score 1) 68

They also assume that you're in perfect health and in a very narrow range of size. Can you imagine working at that desk if you are 6 feet tall and use a nice ergonomic chair? Can you imagine having some form of mobility problems trying to get in and out of that bed? I look at this is furniture that is designed for 20-year-olds, not someone who's lived a life.

Comment Re:So just rename it then? (Score 1) 330

No, it also needs to be deactivated immediately if the driver takes their hands off the steering wheel. No hands-free operation. Force the driver to do what they are supposed to be doing anyway -- driving and being in control.

I have let my attention drift with my hands on the whee even with the threat of pain and possible death. solution like intermittant buzzing or twitching the wheel will only exhaust the driver with false alerts leading to even more unsafe driving. Because autopilot is as safe as human driver, the only solution is to encourage it's use and get more data to make autopilot even safer. see this R&T article.

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