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Comment It's the wrong question (Score 1) 786

Who is assuming anything about exactly what went wrong, and what the reasons were for launching at that time. The question is loaded. It should be, why is the government at this particular time having problems with the ACA website? Obviously they weren't ready when they launched. Oh THAT's never happened in the private sphere!

Comment The Real Problem with Linux Deskop + Game(s) (Score 2) 410

There was a time when I also thought that Linux was going to storm the market, including the desktop. That was when I read Eric Raymond's paper, "The Cathedral and the Bazaar." One of the major themes was, "so many people are working on open source, that commercial software would not be able to compete." It seemed reasonable to me, and I wrote an article with a friend in 1998 that made it onto Linux Today, and into a crappy book by Wiley called, "Linux at Work." Eric Raymond was wrong. The problem with Desktop Linux, is Linux. I've been involved with Linux since the beginning (though not anymore if at all possible). Much of my career has been working on and with Linux servers and Desktops. I've heard over and over that, "this will be the year of desktop Linux," and it never has been. Open source development has a critical flaw, no one forces anyone to do the final grunt work on various components of the desktop that are necessary to put the final grunt work polish. Linux, and open source do not have the millions spent by Apple and Microsoft on user testing. No paying developers to stay in their chairs and finish that grunt work that no one wants to do to put the final polish on software/operating systems. Ms and Apple thoroughly QA test their products, which is a whole boatload of grunt work that people will only fully complete when they are paid to specifically do that. No, this is not the year of Desktop Linux. Linux is good at many things, but it is nowhere close to the commercial operating systems in ease of use, documentation and direct support if necessary. If you like spending Saturdays attempting to get some obscure error figured so you can attempt to get a crappy half-assed driver for Linux working, then it's for you. If you just want to do things, and play hundreds of great games, choose a well supported and developed commercial operating system. "

Comment Bunch of nerds yelling at the side of the road. (Score 2) 786

I use Windows 8 every day, and spend the large majority of that time on the *desktop.* Sure PC sales are flagging, and MS has to be more present in the tablet area. But the number are... anyone. Huge. They better get WITH IT! Because we Linux nerds know marketing, sales and what the people really want sooooo well. Also, when we all get into an echo chamber, the sound gets really loud! That means what we're all saying must be true! By Shona Ghosh Posted on 2 May 2013 at 11:18 Read more: Microsoft sold as many Windows tablets as all its partners combined | News | PC Pro "Including sales from Acer, Asus and other manufacturers, total Windows tablet sales came to 1.8 million, meaning Microsoft sold as many tablets as all of its partners combined." All you have to do is get off your asses and do the smallest amount of research to see that your positions of alarm for MS are debatable at best. I love when nerds get their panties in a bunch about an operating system that has already blown all Linux distributions into the weeds. Windows 8 is great. I think the Start Button replacement start screens are much better than searching through lists (click click click click click click). When people get used it, they'll start complaining about something else. Meanwhile, whatever PCs and Tablets with Windows and Windows RT will keep selling, way, way more than all desktop users using Linux. We should make a yearly "Microsoft is Going to Die Because _________," event where Slashdotters can carry signs that say, "The End of the World is Coming!"

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