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Comment Re:Is THAT really "pure evil"? (Score 1) 168

patent trolls are "the best evidence that pure evil exists."

Not to deny that abuse of the patent-system is wrong, but things like murdering a girl after raping her seem evil of considerably higher purity.

You're right. The fact that Wall Street execs have ruined the lives of millions and gotten away scot-free (and in fact, have gotten better off by getting 'bailed out') is better proof that "pure evil exists".

Comment And still the 1% problem (Score 1) 146

While bitcoin is changing the landscape, I still think it suffers from the same problem that 'normal' currency has, in that the richest 1% control nearly all the currency, only this time that 1 percent are the techies/geeks.

Only time will tell if they'll also fall prey to human nature (ie. greed, and hoard it all to themselves). Here's hoping that won't happen.

Comment Re:I don't see why they would change (Score 3, Insightful) 268

Time. If they start giving some companies special attention, then everyone else will start demanding that, too. If, on the other hand, they stick to the "We give you one chance and that's that" they can actually get a lot more work done.

Not to mention credibility.

Submission + - Alexa, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth...

rmdingler writes: Arkansas authorities have issued a warrant for the audio records of an Amazon Echo that was present at a suspicious death.
A report today from The Information details how police in Bentonville, Arkansas, have issued a warrant for the audio records of the Amazon Echo speaker belonging to James Bates, a suspect in an ongoing murder investigation. Amazon has handed over Bates’ purchase history and account information to law enforcement, but it has declined to release his speaker’s records.
In February, police arrested Bates, age 31, and charged him with the murder of Victor Collins, age 47, according to local news. According to a medical examiner, Collins was strangled in a hot tub. Bates pleaded not guilty in April and made bail shortly after, but the case will go to trial in early 2017. Both men worked for Walmart, which is headquartered in Bentonville.

Comment Re:Nonsense. (Score 1) 406

I'd pick free sodas over 1K per year. I drink a lot of diet coke, and I don't want to have to remember to buy a 6 pack ever morning. Even if I come up slightly behind in dollars the convenience factor is more than worth it.

Plus, you don't get taxed on that extra $1K. Neither does the company, since it's an expense on their side.

Oh shit! Now the IRS is gonna come after us for not paying those taxes, even though Wall Street owes way more than we do! RUN!

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