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Comment Re:Requirement should be 3 year warranty (Score 2) 224

So what you're saying is you want a law mandating that you have to buy AppleCare? Why not... just buy it if you want it?

You're already paying a premium for products that are purposely designed to be non-repairable. Why should I be forced to have to pay an extra warranty premium for products that are basically designed to fail (MacBook Pro anyone? *) that I then can't try to fix myself (or choose who fixes it)?

(* yes, I know they 'recalled' this and will fix for free - but only after really bad PR/threats of class action lawsuits finally forced them into it)

Comment Treated like financial crimes. (Score 2) 383

Do Slashdot readers think there should ever be any exceptions?

If the site(s) knew something, then yes, they should have some accountability. In this regard, it should be treated similarly as someone who had participated/facilitate, unknowingly or not, in money laundering - the law won't care about actual intent/claimed innocence, only about the facts.

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