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Comment Re:Let me get this straight... (Score 1) 124

I'm just surprised it wasn't like "Hey, I've checked your schedule and you've got a couple free hours tonight, based on your movie preferences you'll like Beauty and the Beast! It's showing at a theater that's 1.5 miles away from you! Your tickets have been ordered and are ready for pickup."

There, FTFY.

Comment Re:Min 5 year warranty required (Score 1) 136

There should be a law that this stuff should be made clear to the potential customer, so that they can compare brands based on these factors.

Exactly; if I end up forfeiting the right to repair stuff I paid for and that I own, then that should be clearly stated with a huge label covering the product before sale.

Comment Re:Min 5 year warranty required (Score 2) 136

You already have the right to not buy a product if you don't like the terms offered.

So by buying a product, you forfeit that right? Because that's basically what these companies are lobbying for.

Funny, but I don't see the text anywhere saying I'm forfeiting that when I paid for the product that I own.

Comment Min 5 year warranty required (Score 1) 136

If those companies don't want to have customers being able to repair their equipments/electronics, these should be the conditions (I read this on another site):

- 5 year minimum hardware warranty
- 3 years phone support on software (included or embedded)
- Security updates for as long as the hardware is expected to last*, and if not provided, company must provide a new 'current product' replacement free of charge (with full warranty)

(*)"expected to last" means that if the product would normally continue to function, but been designed to fail/have its life shortened prematurely, then a replacement is also warranted. Example given was limiting the battery charge cycle to 3000 cycles when the battery could do 7000 cycles, limiting the useful life of the product (because the battery couldn't be swapped out because the device is a sealed unit).

Comment Re:Send it an email? (Score 2) 101

But I am confused about why people care if the account is open. If they are no longer using the account, and it contains no personal information, then it is just a spam sink, wasting space on Yahoo's disk farm, but otherwise doing nothing and harming no one.

This particular user in the story doesn't care, but others will (where they do want the account to die, so it cannot be abused/accessed through future inevitable breaches). Knowing that someone else has successfully done so is valuable to know, more valuable then Yahoo's stock!

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