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Comment Who would want to work at Google anyways? (Score 3, Informative) 162

I'm not saying it's boring or unrewarding, I'm sure it's not, but from what I heard, they basically troll you through a dozen interviews or more - ain't nobody got time for that! (If you're in your forties, you likely have a family, etc. that takes up your time - I sure wouldn't appreciate having to go through that many interviews just to not get the job in the end. It would feel like they're just wasting my time after the 4th one - even if I did get the job).

Comment Where do I file for a refund of my data fees? (Score -1, Troll) 132

"Normal" updates I would normally accept to have, because they're typically small (<100MB), but this thing is nearly 5GB. Some of us have data caps.

But of course, with everybody at Apple being super-rich, they don't bother to think about these things, and just assume everybody can afford whatever GB's-worth of stuff they want to push on us.

Comment Re:Ah the 90s. (Score 1) 228

I used to walk the 1.5 miles to school when in first grade; came home for lunch and same when getting home (though once in a while one of my parents would drive us home). I never went 'missing', nor did my parents freak out (obviously) at my being out alone.

As for recess, I remember my first day of grade 8, the school board had decided we no longer needed recesses - I always was a bit bitter about that because I liked the break from the monotony of being taught, but also because that was the start of 'us' (my grade level students) getting screwed over the next few years with additional changes (like having the option to not take the final exam if your grade was high enough in later years, etc.) throughout high school.

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