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Comment Re:Should they start sooner... (Score 1) 115

Out of 700 or so people killed by Police so far this year under 200 are black. So Police kill a lot of people regardless of color. It's just the BLM and the media make it sound like Police kill Black people exclusively. In the US Police kill a lot more people than vice versa. The narrative needs to change.

Comment Re:Kill? (Score 0) 177

Sorry, but unless you use it you cannot judge. I've gone from Iphone to Android to Windows Phone then back to Android and now I am back to Windows Phone as it is the better device among the chaos that is Android and the control freak that is Apple. Only knock that you may have for the Windows Phones is the lack of 'Apps' but wasn't the point of Web 2.0 to have everything on the web? Why are people obsessed with apps?

Comment Re:Aging? (Score 1) 145

I worked with TPF back in the late 80s/early 90s. Trust me, it needs to go. I am shocked they are still using it.There was a reason for it when it was invented. Airlines had to interact with thousands of travel agent terminals around the world and the system had to be fast. Hardware was not up to snuff back then. I remember our production mainframe was rate at 120 MIPS and I thought it was amazing at the time. Thus TPF was born. Very close to the metal OS. Slightest programmer error can crash the whole thing. No one in their right mind would use anything like that today. But, I don't think the outage was due to TPF. Although a cloud-based (even an on-premises, multi datacenter) solution would definitely have avoided their woes.

Comment Re:Report: Fire destroyed generators (Score 2) 239

I worked for one of the largest airline reservation systems. It is a very complicated space, many degrees of complexity above your run of the mill social networking website. Unfortunately, the underlying technology goes back many decades (it is mainframe based, I am not sure these other 500 servers they mentioned do). I think that with the newer tech out there, it could probably be re-engineered to be totally fault tolerant but it would be a massive undertaking in $$$$$. To give you some clarity of the complexity, the system even calculates the weight distribution of planes as passengers check in and clears them for take off accordingly.

Comment Re:UBI will reach 100% of tax (Score 1) 1145

The military will have to shrink. As it is, it is a jobs program. From the soldiering to the manufacturing of weapons of war, it is all about providing jobs and making money for the industrial and military complex. Once we admit to ourselves that is what it is and not some patriotic nonsense about supporting or troops, then we can make progress on discussing better solutions.

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