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Comment Re:Exciting! (Score 2) 39

You are exactly right with the following two lines:

"The problem is allergies are problems with the fine-tuning of the immune system."
"Otherwise this is a bit of highly important research, but it won't lead directly to anything usefully applicable"

As a better understanding of our immune system, and how we can help fine tune it, will have tremendous impact on disease research and finding treatment procedures.
Allergy issues are increasing and so is the complexity of cancer, and they would both benefit from of an improved immune system, wrt. receptors.

So, this research is hugely important and I hope more institutions are following up on it.

Comment Technical and commercial competition (Score 1) 383

Having all applications run on all platforms is a dream since the beginning of times, SW wise :-)

Some people mention Java and that it is already happening, but I'd say that it isn't.
Even applications on the same platform, say Windows, can't always run on all variations of Windows, and the same goes with Linux unless you are able to do some or a lot of tweaking.

However, IF it could be made, then we would have a level playing field and the platform producers would have to improve their own platform to make it viable for users and customers.
Just like in the car industry, where roads, parking refueling locations and other infrastructure is the platform and the cars are the applications.

But it won't happen, and just like biological mutations, even if at one point it could be made, things will evolve and people will want different solutions to different situations, so it will mutate away from each other.
Like a mainframe won't easily run a mobile phone application or vice versa.

Nice dream but N/A

Comment Re:So, ... (Score 2) 13

Yes, a revolution, and also because battery technology, even as of today, will mean a lot more distributed storage.
Like the Tesla Powerwall that is available now.

More distributed power storage will also mean higher safety, because then there won't be one single plant to attack to put a lot of people in misery.
Just like computing today, the net is the computer, not some single large mainframe.

Batteries may eventually not just be LiIon, but all kinds of electrical, chemical and mechanical systems, which will make the safety even better.
Systems with built in redundancy are safer systems.

Comment Re:Always wear a condom (Score 1) 71

I don't have a lot of experience with the lighting connector, but I can see that the idea of not having to care about the insert direction is good, and fortunately that was adapted by USB-C.

My experiences with mini vs. micro USB is however the reverse of what yours seems to be.
Mini is larger and should probably be more solid, but perhaps it is just clumsy, and for sure it took up a lot of space on the host side, which I believe was one of the main drivers to go for the micro.

I will however admit, that I don't like the USB 3 version of micro USB.
I have one external HD with that, and it looks very flimsy.

Comment Re:Always wear a condom (Score 1) 71

I agree with you that allowing both data and charging on the same port has safety issues, but because of the advantages it has from a competitive point of view, I think EU was right in doing so anyway.
The issues will then have to be dealt with, and as others have pointed out, some Android devices ask the user permission to do this or that, with the port.

However, I do not at all agree with regarding the advantages of the mini vs. the micro USB port!
The micro USB mechanics may have challenges, but in my opinion the mini USB mechanics is total crap!
I have yet to have any experience with the USB-C, but it should be tested and considered, if it is better.

Comment Re:the smell of E-6 in the morning (Score 1) 213

I am not a professional photographer, but I have used my Hasselblad 500 CM Classic a lot since 1991, and I worked with you in Harmony on Airport Road in Mississauga, around 1997.

I am still using my Hasselblad with various types of film, and my favorites are Fuji Velvia 50ASA and Provia 100ASA, positive films that produce breathtaking results when the light is set right!

Current 48bit film sensors are good, but just like vinyl albums compared to CD, film has an extra edge to nationality and the only thing they are lacking is the ease of use. That is of course also important, but in situations where you can live with it, it produces exquisite results!

I am not a hipster, so I can't comment on that ;-)

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 3, Funny) 137

I agree with you, and coming from Europe I am usually amazed by the level of commercials on US TV channels, when I visit.
Except for just being annoying with the interrupts, it must also be annoying to know that when they for example do show movies, between the commercials, then it has been cut to fit the time slots. So you can never expect to see a full movie on TV.
This looks like greed that hasn't been controlled.

I am sure your new president will change that, or will he? I mean, he is a TV man, isn't he? ;-)

Comment Re: possibily illegal (Score 1) 548

You seem to be very young so you can only back up your opinion with YouTube videos from others, so I can't take it seriously.
USA is member of NATO and all over my continent and I know shit about what USA military should do, and unless you are a general in the same, you shouldn't tell me about shit!
I am sorry if your family had bad experiences in the Middle East, but I hope they did their job and lived up to the expectations that USA want us all to live up to.

Comment Re: possibily illegal (Score 2) 548

I am not sure they want an actual arm race, because I am sure they haven't forgotten how Reagan brought them down economically with that in the 80'ies.

What I am sure that they do want is that NATO and friends will back off and not do anything, as we have done in so many places, Ukraine and Syria to name a few famous ones.

Every time Putin rattles the nuclear saber Western and NATO countries rattle their knees, so Putin has no reason to have _any_ respect for whatever we _say_.

A full scale war is not even necessary, and also something we don't want, but shooting down a few Russian planes and helicopters and destroying a few tanks and other important equipment that can easily be seen on media, so the Russian public can also see it, _then_ Putin will listen. That is the only language he understands, being a USSR hardliner.

Also, USA should not _excuse_ killing a number of Syrian Al Assad forces by saying it was a mistake. I hope it wasn't a mistake, and it should be strongly emphasized that there is more where that came from, unless _they_ back off!

Russia and Al Assad doesn't want any civilian to stay in Aleppo, as this is a genocide if there ever was one!

NATO and liberal countries in the World, wake up!

Comment Re:Use GNU/Linux ! (Score 1) 73

I agree with you.

I have an N9 with MeeGo, which I think is the best of the mobile phone OS's I have seen, which includes Android, iOS, Ubuntu Touch and Symbian.
Fixing bugs unfortunately stopped some years ago, and new models with faster HW are also not available, that are directly made for MeeGo,
so it is less and less a viable platform, but actually it is still my favorite.
What I like about it is the intuitive user interface, and what seems to be the way that applications are interacting with each other, so it seems like one system and not a bunch of independent applications, or apps as some people prefer to call them.

It would be great if New Nokia would continue with it, or perhaps Jolla/Sailfish that I however don't yet have experience with myself.

Comment Re:You play checkers, Russians play chess (Score 1) 277

I don't why I continue to reply to Cowards, and this will be my last.

What makes you think that Putin is not also a dork?
Have you seen any of the situations he is trying to create, showing that he is actually a superman?

Trump won the republican primaries because a lot of Americans are so fed up with politicians that has no connection with the lives of regular Americans, so they saw Trump as way to protest that. Trump has the most support by 'angry white low waged trash' that has little education and knowledge about the world surrounding them.

Using the Putin card doesn't favor Trump, because Putin is in himself a moron, and he is rather seeing a moron like the politically inexperienced Trump in office than the the experienced Clinton, that Putin knows he can't wind up his little finger.
Putin knows more about what Clinton is like, but he doesn't like it because he know she is strong. Compared to the little experienced Trump that may throw fits, but won't otherwise know what he is doing and therefore a much easier target than Clinton.

In all of this I am not saying that Clinton is the perfect president candidate, but compared to Trump, there is no comparison. Trump is not anything that he claims and he is everything the moron that the opposition claims, about a financial and political failure.
Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz would have been more regular and respectable Republican candidates that I could have supported, compared to Trump.

Trump is in himself a failure, in every way!

Comment Re:Putin "endorsement" of Trump help Hillary (Score 1) 277

Actually I play more chess than checkers.

When has foreign policy paid any attention to the American voter?
Americans are very similar to the British, with the world being 'disconnected from us', so foreign policy has only attention in a presidential electorate when a lot of American lives are at stake, eg. the Vietnam War.

Well, Putin is a moron as well as Trump, and Putin is not afraid of Trump as a president because he knows well that Trump will have a lot less power towards 'pressing the red button' than any previous US president had.

Reagan was initially thought as not being a threat to Russia because many thought he was not really educated, and a moron. This turned out to be false because he had a lot more experience that he had learned from, and a political focus that few outsiders had expected, so he turned out to be a great US president of recent times.

Trump shows none of those things, except being held up by his father, moving along with mafia connections and in general not getting the financial results he could have had with the environment he was in.

Trump looks like a financial failure if you ask me, and soon he will also be a political failure.

And I am not even in the race to decide it, as I can't vote the 8.Nov.

Comment Re:How a tyrant & dictator (Score 2) 277

I don't 'know' what Putin is thinking, but I am also not wearing a tinfoil hat, and I am also thinking that American voters in general aren't stupid, and I think that Putin knows that, too.

And, as I think myself that Trump is a moron, also in foreign policy, and that Putin would think it is better for him to have Trump in the hot seat than Clinton, I believe it to be true.

Out of curiosity, why do you say Trump and Hillary? Would it be the same to you to say Donald and Clinton?

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