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Submission + - What are available options for mirroring open source project files? 1

laffer1 writes: With the recent issues around sourceforge, what are the current recommendations for mirroring ISO files and other large files for open source projects?

Background: I run a small BSD project that has an FTP server with approximately 90GB of data. This includes all release ISOs for each platform, packages and tarballs of source used to build packages (for GPL compatibility). I'd like to mirror ISOs and package binaries on other sites. Previously, I had mirrors at the ISC, Secution and other sites, but many have shutdown.

Submission + - MidnightBSD 0.4 is out with custom package management ( 1

laffer1 writes: The latest version of MidnightBSD includes a new package management system based on libarchive and sqlite3. The project has been working on package management since 2007 and finally has a stable release with it. It's a small FreeBSD fork with desktop ambitions.

(Disclaimer: I'm a committer)


Submission + - AMD family 10 CPU bug workaround ( 1

laffer1 writes: "The bug in AMD CPUs such as the Phenom II now has a workaround published by AMD. The workaround is quite simple and involves setting an MSR. It's documented in the AMD guide on these chips and already patched in DragonFly BSD and MidnightBSD."

Submission + - Where does one find a 12-14 inch laptop with speed 1

laffer1 writes: "I've been searching for a reasonable laptop for several months. The only thing that comes close is the Mac Book Pro 13", but it won't work due to the OS I intend to run. I need a system with a CPU I can do software development on. The system will be compiling software frequently including large packages like firefox,, kde, etc. I work on a BSD project and need a portable system to work on ports and packages with.

I can get away with 4GB of RAM and a modest CPU supported by open source drivers, but the processor needs to be at least a fast dual core or quad core. An AMD fusion is out of the question as it's terribly slow, worse than the core solo 2.2Ghz intel i have now.

I don't care about brand, drive space need only be 80GB and disk io should be fast (SSD or faster SATA HDD)

Where do people go to find systems like this? Netbooks don't work because of the CPU. I think I fall in the fast/ultra portable space. (if there still is one)"

Submission + - BSDCan 2011 this week in Canada (

laffer1 writes: BSDCan, one of the largest BSD conventions in North America, starts on May 13 with tutorials beginning today and tomorrow. Developers are coming in from all over the world for the event. WIth 4 of the 7 BSD projects represented, and the distro PC-BSD, it should be an exciting event.

Submission + - Dual booting Windows Vista and BSD

laffer1 writes: "I'm attempting to setup a dual boot environment on my PC. Previously, I had Windows XP SP2 and MidnightBSD working with System Commander. Today I was able to download a copy of Vista x64 from Technet.

My goal was to wipe the XP partition and install Windows Vista Ultimate x64 without effecting my MidnightBSD install on my second hard drive. After several attempts, I'm left with a non booting system.

So far, I've tried setting up the boot menu using EasyBCD 1.52 from Vista. I tried adding an entry and also using neogrub from the software. After rebooting and trying to boot MidnightBSD, my kernel crashed and my partition table was wiped on the vista drive. (first sata hard disk) I'm not using system commander as its not clear if it will work with 64bit windows.

MidnightBSD and FreeBSD are very similar at this point.

Has anyone successfully dual booted Vista and any BSD? What configuration should I use?"

Submission + - U.S. Senate Candidate Mike Bouchard Website Hacked

laffer1 writes: "Detroit's channel 7 ( reported on their webcast that U.S. Senate Candidate Mik Bouchard's website ( was "hacked". The site is now down and it is reported that the FBI is investigating. I voted against him, but find this to be quite an unethical attack. The site is still available in google's cache. ( =us&ct=clnk&cd=2&lr=lang_en)"

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