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Comment Re:What? (Score 4, Insightful) 110

I was under the impression that using airbags without seatbelts would actually cause injuries, mainly due to passengers being bounced around uncontrollably. In a car crash, the head and neck are flung forward by the collision and then back by the airbag rebound, potentially causing whiplash injuries.

If you're wearing a seatbelt, however, it will keep your body stable while the airbag slows your head's travel forward.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong but the two seem to complement each other quite well.

Comment Re:ComplainersThe world is passing you by... (Score 1) 295

To that end, a fair number of these cross-platform, linux-friendly, DRM-free indie titles are also available on Desura.
It exists. It works. It's actually quite nice.
It does what Steam does (game store, install manager, launcher, community thing) without being Steam. Most of the indie bundles give you both Steam and/or Desura keys, so if you've bought any you can use those to give it a try.

Comment Re:ACTA Represents the End... (Score 1) 217

You know, I've thought about this.

Say a regime has a very large standing army. Call it 1% of the population, so a country like the U.S. would have about 3 million armed soldiers.
The population is armed and unhappy.

Your argument is that, since the general population isn't allowed heavier weapons (artillery, automatic rifles, etc.), the army will "win" in an armed conflict.

Do you really think that all 3 million of those soldiers are prepared to fire upon their countrymen?
Do you really think their big guns and tanks and planes will help them control an armed uprising of 50 peasants for each of their trained fighters?

I think if the people are sufficiently dissatisfied to take up arms at all, just having guns in the first place will be a huge boon. The size of the guns isn't quite as important as you'd think when the numbers are on your side.

Comment Re:This should be illegal (Score 1) 171

In sweden we have a similar write-in system, where you can write your own party on a blank ballot.

There's also an online summary after each election, showing all kinds of neat statistics (like this).

They also publish each and every one of the write-in votes (without names of voters, of course) and those results make it painfully obvious that you can't get anywhere if you're such a party. Try searching for "anka" (duck) in that page to see the astounding number of people who voted for the Donald Duck party, except "Kalle Anka Partiet", "kalle anka partiet", etc are counted as separate parties.
It is a neat place to voice your disapproval (Every now and then you see someone voting for "THEY'RE ALL CROOKS"), but it serves absolutely no purpose for actual election results.

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