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Comment Re:Long term solutions aren't easy (Score 1) 767

In Texas we also have the Michigan left.

The city of Plano was the first city in Texas to use a Michigan left. One was built in mid-2010 at the intersection of Preston Road and Legacy Drive. In January 2014, the city announced plans to revert the turn to a traditional intersection as a result of drivers' confusion.

BTW, the Texas Turnaround definitely doesn't eliminate all left turns.

Comment Re:Would be no universal tool if made by Apple ... (Score 1) 255

By forcing the FBI to go the internal or 3rd party route we now may have the "nightmare" scenario where a universal tool is available to all law enforcement, possibly with its use not done under proper judicial supervision. Apple is partly responsible for this. Yes, Apple was in a pretty f'd up situation, but that happens. Sometimes you have to deal with no good outcome, negative/negative decisions. .

Shouldn't we consider that the tool already existed? The difference is that now knowledge of the tool is public. This might be considered a good thing.

Comment Re:Feasible but how useful is it? (Score 1) 51

Deviously clever, anyway 14 digits is something about 100 trillion, in scientific terms that's more that 100 million LoC (Libraries of Congress). What would be your script brute forcing speed, approximately? Because if it'll be less then about 4 LoCs per second - running this script would be a lifetime affair.

But only 6 of those digits are the device serial number, the rest are the manufacturer and model. So if you just want to try the most popular manf and models you have a much smaller search space.
Wiki IMEI page

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 2) 405

Most ot the rhetoric from Tim Cook is pure bullshit in this case. He tries to expand the request to all iPhones in order to create a wave of sympathy and pose as a champion of privacy while in reality he doesn't give a shit, unless this can be a sales point. Pure marketing here.

Perhaps you missed this story

The twelve cases are similar to the San Bernardino case in that prosecutors have sought to use the 18th-century All Writs Act to force Apple to comply, but none are related to terrorism charges and most involve older versions of iOS software.

Comment Re:I must know the other half ... (Score 1) 585

Maybe the half who've actually read the news reports about this case, instead of what others have been blogging about the case, and thus know that this isn't the shooter's phone . The phone belongs to the San Bernardino government. It was assigned to the shooter as a work phone.

It is about privacy. But not the shooter's. It's the privacy of other iPhone users. Yes, the gov't says that they only want the altered OS to work on a specific phone. But as soon as it is developed, they'll be another court order (or NSL) to force Apple to do it for another phone. And China will do the same. And France. And Russia. So you see where this could lead.

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