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Comment Re:electricity (Score 4, Informative) 124

My bet is they won't be putting up a local wind farm to actually use renewable energy.

Cause that would require investing In America - instead of china.

You're right, Apple is not putting up wind farms in the US. They're putting up (mostly) solar farms

This means Apple will now be able to sell renewable power it does not need but it owns or has under contract — note that 93% of Apple facilities worldwide run on renewable electricity.

According to the FERC filing, Apple holds positions in these solar properties:

  • 20 MW Ft. Churchill solar farm in Lyon County, Nevada,
  • 50 MW Bonnybrooke solar facility under construction in Pinal County, Arizona
  • Two behind-the-meter generating plants totaling 18 MW on its California campus.
  • A long-term firm power purchase agreement with First Solar for 130 MW from a California solar farm under construction
    67.5 MW of facilities in North Carolina

Comment T-Mobile issues? (Score 1) 63

I'm on T-Mo but have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I noticed this week that my mobile data usage was massive. Just this week I've used nearly 2.5GB. My normal usage is less than a GB for the whole billing period. I'm wondering if the iOS 10 issue is hammering the T-Mo network and causing my problems. My data usage shows that it's my email app that is using all the data; I have an Apple email acct, maybe the combo of the two things is affecting me?

Comment Re:Long term solutions aren't easy (Score 1) 767

In Texas we also have the Michigan left.

The city of Plano was the first city in Texas to use a Michigan left. One was built in mid-2010 at the intersection of Preston Road and Legacy Drive. In January 2014, the city announced plans to revert the turn to a traditional intersection as a result of drivers' confusion.

BTW, the Texas Turnaround definitely doesn't eliminate all left turns.

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