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Comment T-Mobile issues? (Score 1) 63

I'm on T-Mo but have a Samsung Galaxy S3. I noticed this week that my mobile data usage was massive. Just this week I've used nearly 2.5GB. My normal usage is less than a GB for the whole billing period. I'm wondering if the iOS 10 issue is hammering the T-Mo network and causing my problems. My data usage shows that it's my email app that is using all the data; I have an Apple email acct, maybe the combo of the two things is affecting me?

Comment Re:Long term solutions aren't easy (Score 1) 767

In Texas we also have the Michigan left.

The city of Plano was the first city in Texas to use a Michigan left. One was built in mid-2010 at the intersection of Preston Road and Legacy Drive. In January 2014, the city announced plans to revert the turn to a traditional intersection as a result of drivers' confusion.

BTW, the Texas Turnaround definitely doesn't eliminate all left turns.

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