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Comment Wood armor (Score 4, Informative) 208

Wood armor - we're back to the medieval days!

As with most (all?) engineered wood products - what about when it gets wet?

From TFA:

Swelling introduces a large number of nano-defects in the cellulose structure. Although there is little swelling of a single CNC, water can penetrate into amorphous cellulose with ease, pushing apart the individual cellulose molecules in those regions. In addition, the bonds and interfaces between neighboring CNC will be disrupted, thereby significantly reducing the strength of any material reinforced with CNCs. To make matters worse, water can move easily over the surface/interfaces of the CNCs, thereby allowing water to penetrate far into a composite containing CNCs.

They suggest painting it. To be honest, I'm a skeptic. We wore body armor during my time in Iraq, and the abuse that our gear received cannot be overstated. Rain, heat, jumping over walls, dealing with mud. No thanks, I'll stick with Kevlar.

Comment Textbook prices (Score 4, Interesting) 400

The access codes are just one part of a bigger problem: textbook prices. For one class this semester, I was able to purchase a Kindle, the $50 lighted Kindle case, and the Kindle version of the textbook for a combined cost that is less than the price of the hardcover textbook.

Also - it wouldn't be such an obvious scam if you could purchase only the access code and acquire your book from the secondary market. In all instances that I've seen, the access codes come only with new books.

I'm always tempted to blame the professors for choosing course materials like this; however, on more than one occasion I've heard professors complaining about pressure to switch to the latest edition. Pressure from whom? I have no idea...

Comment iTunes Remote (Score 1) 301

I have an old laptop with a large external hard drive, running iTunes, hooked into my home audio setup. The laptop itself is tucked away out of view but always left on with iTunes up.

My iPhone 3G is a dedicated iTunes remote. If I have guests over (or even if it's just me), I pick up the remote and pick a song, change the song, adjust the volume.

Comment Chrome and Android (Score 2) 322

The numbers speak for themselves:

Chrome release: September 2008
Chrome market share; Dec 2009: 4.63%
Chrome market share; Feb 12011: 10.7%

Android release: September 2008
Android smartphone market share; Q1 2010: 9%
Android smartphone market share; Q4 2010: 33%

Comment Re:Samsung (Score 1) 557

I'll concur regarding the Samsung ML-2851ND. If you're only printing ~2000 pages per year, you won't need much more than this. This printer can be had for $150-$200 and a 5000-page toner is $100. These are great prices for a networked duplexing laser printer, and I like it better than the low-end HP offerings (2015, 2035, etc).


Comment Re:Unfortunately, not practical (Score 1) 455

As much as I'd like to push out firefox for my users, I have many users in a domain environment with mapped applications directory; firefox is simply unmanageable in this environment.

Of all the improvements they are making in firefox, they are ignoring a potentially very large audience by not including some way to manage the browser in a corporate environment.

Not to mention Sharepoint integration, or lack thereof. This is a #1 sticking point for us.

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