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User Journal

Journal Journal: New category: Tabloid

After reading /. stupidity , I feel moved to make a suggestion to /.

Make a new category. Something like "Tabloid". Maybe "Enquirer" or "Weekly World News" would be better.

Some place to put articles that are just dumb pontification or predictions. Some place that I can disable.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mod on demand!

I just read an article (lame), and a few comments (insightful). I wish I had mod points to blow on some of the smarter comments, and to fry a few of the higher ones from folks who clearly did not read the article.

I want my mod points to sit around until I wanna use 'em. Maybe better - don't even tell me if I have them - just put in a request button. If I could have points, give 'em to me.

There are articles that I wanna comment in, and others that I'd just like to mod. Let me get mod points in a way that is similar to how I post articles.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Mod points vs. STUPID stories

I have 5 mod points. I wish I could use them to mark a story as -1: lame/stupid/tinfoil hat/flamebait and make it go away.

User Journal

Journal Journal: More mod points!

Wow. I get them all the time now. Maybe I just had to set up a journal.

User Journal

Journal Journal: I'm a mod!

Couple of days ago I got my 5 mod points! Musta been about half a year since the last round.

I just posted for the first time in a while right before I got 'em. Coincidence?

Journal Journal: No mod points? 1

As someone with excellent karma, I'm wondering how often I should expect to get mod points. 'Cause it's been a LOOOONG time.

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