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Comment Re:He won because it was Clinton (Score 1) 499

I love Nickleback (NICE ONE!) Oh and what happened to that Paul McCartney guy that Kanye did a joint effort with in efforts to further his career? Haven't heard anything about that McCartney joker since then...what a loser.

In reality, I am a U.S. Citizen, and I did vote, but not for either of the two most prominent candidates (I did in fact write-in "Yo' Momma.") They are both ridiculous, and the way I see it, Trump is the lesser of two evils. At least no matter what, even though he technically ran on the Republican (who now controls both Houses) ticket, not even the Republican Party supports him, so he won't be able to do anything serious unless he goes crazy with Executive Order, which I suppose he could.

Temporary damage will be done, but there is plenty of Congressional power to CTRL-Z it within 90 days - -, so damage will likely be limited.

I am no fan of Trump, and I know he simply wanted to be POTUS, but I doubt he wants to be the first President convicted and removed from office in Impeachment trials.

Submission + - Where does paid/on-demand Cloud SaaS make sense

kwelch007 writes: Here's my scoop: I work for a multi-national corp...we have Private distributed everything, everywhere. No secret. But, for personal use (I also DJ on the weekends,) I carry a few personally owned HD's (6TB worth of legally licensed music.) I've got more music than I could ever use, and it's not well organized. This weekend, while doing a gig, one of those drives failed. Yes, I know I could have set up redundancy, but I'm physically moving this stuff all the time. It's gonna break, and it did (I lost 1.8TB of music.) Fortunately, I had the forethought to subscribe to a cloud service which had a very similar collection and was able to access it via LTE (US.)
My questions is, when dealing with non-owned yet publicly available data, does it make sense to just legally cache that data from the cloud rather than actually "owning" rights to that data? I think this could go further to "Subscribed Applications" as Cloud deployment becomes more prevalent.
At the moment, I'm thinking so, but this is today...5 years ago would be a different story I think. Please give me your thoughts.

Comment I'm facing a similar problem... (Score 1) 198

I'm the Admin for a High-Tech factory. While we do use some very dangerous chemicals, those are pretty well restricted using physical means. However, on the factory floor itself, the company has historically used shared passwords for most of the manufacturing tools themselves. While this doesn't currently pose much of a safety threat, it does make tracking "who did what" basically impossible. Additionally, we were recently acquired by a Public company, and due to SOX, the whole "shared password" thing is a big no-no. While my problems are not as nearly "life or death" as the Medical scenario, I can relate.

As a replacement authentication technology, I've been investigating various Biometrics, RFID cards, etc., as possibilities. Some could work, but face potential barriers in my environment (our factory is a "Clean Lab" environment...everyone has to wear Clean Suits, gloves and masks.) Because of the gloves, things like Fingerprint scanners won't work. Face recognition doesn't seem to be up to par yet based on the trials I've done. The use of RFID tags would work, but then you have the issue of potential theft of said tag.

I haven't had time to try one yet, but years ago at an office building I worked at, they had a sort of "hand measurement" system...basically, you would put your hand on the plate and squeeze some pins between your fingers. Then you would have to enter a PIN on a keypad. I could see something like this working in my environment, but frankly haven't had time to go looking for one.

In the end, it seems that Password security is the best (especially if it is Multi Factor,) but is not always practical. I wonder what others have used as alternatives.

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