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Submission + - foobar2000 for iOS and Android on Kickstarter (

kwanbis writes: Peter Pawlowski, the developer of the highly praised foobar2000 on windows, is looking for funding on kickstarter. If it reaches the $60.000 funding goal, they would develop a version of foobar2000, for iOS and Android.

But he is not alone. Joining the foobar2000 mobile team is Steve Elkins, founder of dBpoweramp, which started out as an audio player with a number of world firsts, such as first player to add star ratings to an audio library, first player to have smart playlists aka Genius playlists. dBpoweramp evolved over the years into a Music Converter and CD Ripper.

The third developer to join the team is Chris Moeller. Chris has been Influential in a number of projects over the years, including a number of console emulators, and most notably, has made a sizable contribution to foobar2000 PC.

Foobar2000 mobile will be built from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, giving the opportunity to adapt specifically to the strengths of the mobile platform. Our first funding goal is the development of an iOS & Android foobar2000.

Submission + - Qubi is trying to reinvent the Media Center with the help of Kickstarter (

kwanbis writes: A company called Qubi is trying to get funded on Kickstarter so that they can produce the coolest looking, Android Media Center+Console. They are using a heavily modified XBMC version that is much simpler to use. Being an Android console it would have access to the huge Google Play library of apps and games instantly. The Qubi looks really nice and modern. It would be powered by a 1.7 GHz Quad Core Krait CPU an Adreno 320 GPU capable of Full 1080p HD video decoding with an Snapdragon 600 chipset and 2GB of RAM. It would also include HDMI 1.4, HDMI Passthrough, HDME-CEC, 16 GB storage expandable with a Micro SD Expansion Slot. Also included Dual Band WiFi b/g/n/ac, Miracast Capability, Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 Port, Optical Audio, 1 USB 3 Port, 3 USB 2 Ports, Bluetooth 4.0, iR Receiver and HD Audio Support Dolby & DTS. Once produced, it certainly looks like one of the most powerful Media Centers for the money. But it does not stop there. They have designed a very nice Remote that is double sided, includes a QWERTY keyboard, backlit on both sides, WiFi Direct, Airmouse, Headphone output, that would allow you to use the Qubi without disturbing others, a built in microphone for voice commands, and that is USB Rechargeable.

The Qubi would retail at 199, but if you pledge on Kickstarter, there are still 12 ones you can get for $119, and if those are sold out, there are 197 left you can get at $129. After that, and during the campaign, the Qubi would cost $149.

I'm no way affiliated with them, but I'm really looking forward to having a Qubi at home, so, if you do, please go and but one. If you cannot afford one, but you think is cool enough, share this information with your groups.

You can check and pledge here:

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 152

So, that was a 2 years time frame. Doesn't it sounds suspicious? How convenient, Clarin is posting news about government corruption and suddenly they realize is bad for consumers? And how "good for consumers" would be now that people would have no choice but the telcos? Either you don't understand, or you are one of the payed cyber-activist of the corrupted-kirchner government.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 152

So, you are saying it has nothing to do with the ex-president Nestor personal vendetta against grupo Clarin? Isn't it weird that it was former president Nestor itself who approved Clarin purchase of Fibertel, and that now that he no longer likes Clarin his wife is doing this? Kirchner's presidencies have been 2 of the most corrupted and terrible governments we have had. So sad.

Comment Re:Single entity (Score 2, Interesting) 74

I still remember the first time i had to call Network Solutions, for a domain issue. I was given this name, and they picked up the phone, and it was like i had called a person's house. Very unprofessional. And i thought, this must be a mistake, this is "international network", it can not be a private company. It was.

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