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Comment Re:Bash transgenic foods all you want (Score 1) 188

Also might be due to the fact that simply being transgenic imparts no magical "toxic" qualities in and of itself, and there's not even a plausible mechanism by which any current GMO crops might somehow be unsafe. Also ignores all pre-market safety testing. If it were unsafe, some non-industry researcher would have shown this by now and picked up their Nobel prize for discovering some new groundbreaking genetics.

Comment Re:GMOs have so many different problems (Score 1) 188

They already do: there are labels for non-GMO and USDA organic, both of which indicate no "GMO content", whatever that means. The entire GMO labeling effort is obviously a Scarlet Letter attempt at demonizing GMO products with the "it's just a label, wink, wink, you know what we mean", while at the same time spreading as much FUD and misinformation about how dangerous GMO food is. The current rallying cry is "Right to know! If it's so safe, why not just label it?" that will turn into "If it's so safe, why does it need a special label?" Bait and switch.

Comment Re:GMOs have so many different problems (Score 1) 188

...because their particular version is not per se to increase yields, but to have plants that resist Roundup get big doses of Roundup to kill other plants.

When your field is full of non-crop plants/weeds, all competing for the same resources and nutrients in your soils as your crops, your crop yield will necessarily be lower. By preventing weeds, you are increasing your yield by definition.

Comment Re:GMOs have so many different problems (Score 1) 188

If I had to guess, I would say it's because the entire anti-GMO movement is at the behest of the organic industry in an attempt to spread as much FUD and misinformation about GMO crops as their main competition in an attempt to justify the higher prices and antiquated farming methods of organic crops. Whether people realize it or not, this is where the anti-GMO movement comes from.

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