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Comment Re:no (Score 1) 312

Well, what I don't mind going to the cinema for a good movie. What I hate is all the mountains of bullshit piled onto shit movies to trick people to pay good money for a bad movie. Now that's what killed the cinema for me, too many shit movies with great reviews from shit main stream media reviewers, a bunch of bullshit hype, really insane idiotic pseudo celebrity worship where the can do no wrong and it really, really does piss you off when you are sitting in the cinema part way through a shit movie and the only thing keeping you there is the price of the ticket, the movie itself, crap. Now that's exactly what stopped me going to the cinema, over priced tickets and shit movies. Streaming I just kill the stream and play a computer game instead.

So seeing movies at home rather than in a cinema is all about stopping watching them, rather than watching them to the end. Nepotism is killing the industry, formulaic, no creativity, no story telling ability, lack of knowledge in story telling, the prime typical example of the lot Jar Jar Abrams, not the worst but definitely the leading low light. It's not the environment it is the content.

Comment Re:Google, Motorola, Intel . . . (Score 1) 227

Yes, you should make it easier for the US government to steal other countries taxes, is that what you are saying. Those offshore profits were earned offshore, so the taxes should always be paid where the revenue is generated. Not the US being and continuing to be a global economic and resource parasite.

Comment Re:I am going to say this just once. (Score 1) 216

Exactly. I don't understand why people don't see this. The contract makes sure the label makes money before the artist does. Those assholes will take any opportunity to screw over anyone, why would an artist trust them?

I suppose once an artist gets a bit popular, greed takes over.

Comment Re:Now make it a requirement that it's US-owned (Score 1) 320

I said there is no such thing as "European" culture. Because America has deviated to a large degree from all of those individual cultures. We have our own culture

Oh yes, because let's pretend that the U.S., Canada, and Australia don't share 99.9% of the same culture as Great Britain, including the same language and almost exact same legal/political systems, personal customs, etc. (Canada partially excluded, because of that damned Quebec). There is WAY more variation in culture and language in China than there ever has been between the UK and its English-speaking colonies, but that doesn't stop people from referencing "Chinese culture" or even "Asian culture."

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