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Comment iMessage? (Score 3, Informative) 202

"iMessage" is a message transport. The app is "Messages". The document from Apple specifically says "SMS": it does not mention either Messages or iMessage. While it's possible that Apple leaves iMessages unencrypted on the device, it would be surprising given how much trouble they go through to protect then in transit. So while this document doesn't explicitly say iMessages are safe, it also doesn't say they're vulnerable.

Comment Crumpler Sinking Barge (Score 1) 282

It's big enough to carry everything you've mentioned, but no bigger than necessary. It comfortably distributes the weight when fully loaded, and is unbelievably durable. I've used mine on a daily basis for four years, including several cross-country and international trips, and it still looks new. Worth every penny. Highly recommended.


Submission + - Sweden shuts down The Pirate Bay again

larkly writes: "(From the i-told-you-so-dept) The Swedish Pirate Party released a press statement today, claiming that the Swedish police authorities have classified the torrent site The Pirate Bay as a distribution site for child pornography. The filter has not been subject of much national criticism, as it was only intended for blocking child pornography sites, but its usage now seems to drift in a different direction."

Submission + - GPL3 Drives Wedge Between Novell and Microsoft (

Bruce Perens writes: "In this story, Microsoft declares that its "Novell Support Coupons" will not apply to GPL3 software, in an effort to escape from language in GPL3 that would extend Microsoft's patent protection from Novell customers only — to all users of the software. Novell declares that they're going to include GPL3 software in their distribution. Eben Moglen, Richard Stallman and the GPL3 committees and contributors deserve a (free) beer, for having successfully emasculated Microsoft's attempt to divide the community. Instead, the wedge has now been driven between Microsoft and Novell."

Submission + - Nature - 50 years of the Multiverse Interpretation

chinmay7 writes: "
Fifty years ago this month Hugh Everett III published his paper proposing a "relative-state formulation of quantum mechanics" — the idea subsequently described as the 'many worlds' or 'multiverse' interpretation. Its impact on science and culture continues. In celebration, a science fiction special edition of Nature on 5 July 2007 explores the symbiosis of science and sf, as exemplified by Everett's hypothesis, its birth, evolution, champions and opponents, in biology, physics, literature and beyond.
Read the excellent selection of articles (and quite a few related scientific papers) from this special edition of the Nature magazine here."
The Internet

Submission + - Swedish Police Will Censor The Pirate Bay (

Sixdays writes: "Working online gives you a lot of friends. Some of those gives you heads up when something big is going on, and sometimes really big things happen. A couple of hours ago I got one of those — The Swedish Police is going to put The Pirate Bay in it's Child porn filter! Read the full story HERE"

Submission + - Carbon calculator with social footprint reduction

kurowski writes: "Social-networking site MakeMeSustainable has put together the first carbon footprint calculator that might help people make a real difference in their environmental impact. Yahoo points out the ongoing carbon footprint management: "because you can track your expenditures over time, it's easy to see the results of simple actions like changing your bulbs." Wired says the site's true goal is "building an environmentally conscious online community that's driven towards action", which is apparent in the social-networking features: apparently Red Sox fans are more eco-friendly than Yankees fans). The site also lets you track your friends and neighbors, which is sure to encourage users to keep up with the Jones's next door."

Submission + - Massive screen resolution on a budget

An anonymous reader writes: Can't afford a 30" monitor but want a massive screen for your games? Check out the new digital triplehead2go from Matrox — this little beauty gives you a resolution of 3840x1024 over three screens from a dual-link DVI equipped graphics card. Considering that 1280x1024 19" monitors are cheap as dirt these days, you can have an amazing gaming display without mortgaging your house! /07/06/Matrox-Triple-Head2Go-Digital-Edition/p1

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