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Comment Re:Well the ultimate value of Bitcoin is (Score 2) 605

To be honest, people can argue till their face is blue if Bitcoin has an intrinsic value or not it all boils down to this :
Anything is worth as much as somebody is willing to pay for it at the moment in time you want to sell. All the rest comes out of the rear end of a bull.
Yesterday people made some nice money speculating on bitcoins (including me).

  They peaked at 200 Euro's so i thing this might not only had have something to do with the DDOS but also the psychological barrier, I had an order in to sell everything at 199 Euros/BTC and used half of that money to buy at 100Euros/BTC.

Clearly for someone bitcoins had a real value yesterday

I have been to auctions and seen things sell at triple and more of their valuation, and I have seen things sold at 10% of their valuation.

Comment Re:And this is different...??? (Score 1) 285

Not to mention that you'll have to learn English to use any library or are they going to translate all those as well.

As a non-native English speaker that has had the torture of seeing dutch and french VB/excel I can only hope that this never takes off.
Even localized EDI's are a silly idea.

If you want to learn to program learn English, you can do both at the same time and have access to so much more information.

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