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Comment Re: The only way this will get fixed (Score 1) 164

Agree. Most of us are capable of operating 3000lb machines at 70 mph and we learned that in high school. Configuring a firewall should be the new drivers Ed for our society. I was about to say " No IT license, no Internet" but unlike driving, I think the Internet has become a basic right. So I will step back from that ledge, and say it would be valuable to society there was some training going on somewhere. I just do not know where...

Comment Its not just the headphones... (Score 1) 771

Once Apple removes the analog connector, they also get to remove the Digital to Analog Converter (DAC), Op-Amp and other circuity that goes along with powering and controlling the analog audio output. This is interesting because all of these components now get moved to the dongle. This would be a great "Analog" system "Export" for audio developers and audiophile types who would then be able to put whatever DAC and opamp packages they want in their third party dongle. Unfortunately I do not see it panning out that way. I am sure Apple will have a stranglehold on interoperability with third party vendors for some time. DRM will also most likely control who gets to play in the Dongle arena.

Comment Re:Apple (Score 1) 83

YOU are correct. What I was trying to say is that "phone design" was separated from the carrier. From what I remember, I think Apple originally when to Verizon, but Verizon said "No, we want control of how the phone operates, features, etc" ATT was approached next and agreed that Apple would have 100% control of design of the device partially because Apple could bring such a highly demanded product to a carrier. I have to admit, the phone was revolutionaly from "almost" everything before it. It is similar to a situation where Apple goes to Comcast and says they want to build the next Set Top Box, but Comcast gets no control over any of the design and functional aspects for the box. It would be a win for Apple, and a win for the consumers.

Comment Re: On Monday (Score 1) 130

I am sure this happens in other types of recycling centers as well.. In our office, we are constantly going through PC, rack servers, monitors, etc. Some of it only a few years old. While there might be value in getting money for them, it is actually a great thing that there are companies that will come in and take them away for free. Sure they have value, but the labor involved in recouping those costs are just not worth it at our pay scales. In addition, shelf space in our office has value too.

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