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Comment Re:I can't possibly be the only one... (Score 1) 156

as Frank Zappa said: You are damned right.

what I had in mind was the 'rules' a pirate signed in times of Henry Morgan.

same risk ( yer life ) same reward - only the navigator got double

The greek were notoriously active as pirates during the Minoan time and then again during the Romans

And the left-over of the Phoenicians later operated as Corsars in the Western Mediterranean way past the Roman Empire.

Comment Re:Can I propose another branch too? (Score 1) 341

I agree fully and add my suggestion of e-government and e-parliament: I propose additionally the preparation of e-parliaments, e-senate and e-congress!

Every elected representative should stay in his election district and be only represented by a robot head and speaker in the parliament.

To this avatar-like representation the representative should have highbandwidth connection, so that his image and head movements as well as voice can be transmitted, and a back-channels showing the representative in his home-office the situation in the assemly room.

This way the taxpayer saves a lot by avoiding the cost of accomodation and transport for their representatives, while maintaining a dirtect contact between voters and representative locally iwithin the election district.

It has also the added benefit that lobbyists have more problems in contacting the legislative members and also contacts will be more visible as the voters will see who is contacting their elected representative - which can not when their representative is in Wahsington DC or their respective seat of government.

one possible product:,bell-labs-builds-telepresence-robots.aspx

Comment Re:contradiction per se (Score 1) 172

the contradiction lies in :


on one side developing secure technology

and on the other hand you want to eavesdrop


you ain't need to explain that the NSA wants to eat the cake and keep it too!

and I'll bet that the ideas, if not the whole technology will land in the hands of those the NSA wants to spy on.

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