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The Military

Submission + - With War Comes Cyberwar

kthejoker writes: From this week's issue of The Economist comes a story about cyberwar in light of the recent scuffle between Russia and Georgia. It discusses some of the major issues surrounding state-level cyberwarfare, including whether a state-sanctioned DDoS is grounds for a military response, whether governments should start their own botnets, and what states are doing to defend themselves against it. From the article:

There have been suggestions that future wars could be waged in cyberspace, displacing conventional military operations altogether. Why bomb your enemy's power-stations or stockmarkets if you can disable them with software? So far there have been no successful attacks of this type, but that does not stop people worrying about them — or speculating about how to launch them.


Submission + - 12,000 Laptops Lost Weekly at Airports (

kthejoker writes: Apparently companies are even worse about losing our data than we suspected. From the article:

According to a study of 106 major U.S. airports and 800 business travelers published by the Ponemon Institute and Dell Computer, about 12,000 laptops are lost in airports each week. Only 30 percent of travelers ever recover the lost devices. Nearly half of the travelers say their laptops contain customer data or confidential business information.

Kinda scary ...

The Media

Submission + - Northwestern Lab Creates Virtual Newscast

kthejoker writes: "Five grad students at Northwestern Universiy have invented a system that creates virtual newscasts on the fly. The system, dubbed "News at Seven", uses Google News, YouTube, and relevant blogs to cull both images and text on a given news item. The video is then presented by a virtual newscaster avatar using text-to-speech and editing software."

Submission + - Methods for Producing Carbon Nanotubes Improved

kthejoker writes: "Until now, production of carbon nanotubes has been hindered by a fundamental problem: the inability to control the diameter and twist of the tubes produced. These structural differences have implications resulting in carbon nanotubes that are unsuitable for most proposed applications. Researchers at Northwestern University have come up with a method to "sort" carbon nanotubes using specially selected surfactants and ultracentrifuges. Looks like carbon nanotubes might be on the verge of true industrial scalability."

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