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Submission + - Court Blocks Early Access to Experimental Drugs

ktappe writes: "A U.S. appeals court ruled that terminally ill patients don't have a constitutional right to use experimental drugs that have passed limited safety trials but haven't been proved safe and effective.

A fundamental right to use drugs under development can't be established because such access isn't 'deeply rooted' in U.S. history and tradition (as if new, experimental drugs could have much history), according to the 8-2 ruling issued today by a panel of judges on the Court of Appeals. sid=a5py.PD9bnUs&refer=home"

Submission + - Apple Gives Credit For Full Album Purchases

ktappe writes: "Thursday, Apple introduced the 'Complete My Album' feature to the iTunes Music Store. It now gives a full credit of 99 cents for every track the user previously purchased and applies those credits toward the purchase of the complete album. Full story: e?AID=/20070329/ENTERTAINMENT/70329038"
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Submission + - New DST to cost $350 million?

ktappe writes: "An analyst at Forrester Research estimates the daylight saving time (DST) switch coming this Sunday will cost the average company $50,000 in time and labor expenses — a conservative figure that doesn't take into account missed airline flights or forgotten appointments. That's a total of $350 million for the 7,000 publicly traded companies in the U.S. Is this another case of an analyst pulling numbers out of the air, or will we really be paying a high price for earlier DST?"

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