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Comment Re:Illegal (Score 1) 182

So as a consumer, why do I care?

1) Because hopefully you're a moral being and recognize that this is immoral, wrong behavior on Uber's part.

2) Because in the long run this is going to cost you money. If Uber runs Lyft out of business, you can be sure Uber will be able to raise its prices. Further, even if they don't, this is raising Lyft's costs and they will pass those on to you. Or Lyft won't have a taxi available when you need one because it was on another Uber-induced wild goose chase.

But I really hope #1 is the main reason you'd object. I'm sorry if #2 is.

Comment Re:Free market means exactly that ! (Score 1) 405

  • Fraud would be charging without notice, and without offering an opt-out.

Sorry, wrong. Fraud is intentionally charging someone for something they did not order. This falls right into that category. OP is under no obligation to read his email to prevent being charged thousands for an item he did not want.

Comment Re:I Used a Popular Online Tax Service... (Score 4, Insightful) 237

You know, employing skills that software doesn't do well..

I'm not following this. Software (I use TaxAct) is quite good at making sure to ask you a lot of detailed questions about your life events and situation. Software can make sure to ask these questions and not forget one like a human can. If you, the end-user, neglect to check a box that says (for example), "I donated a car this year", then that's your fault not the software's. If you're trying to say the accountant would ask "Hey, are you sure you didn't donate a car?" and you respond "Oh yeah...you're right, I did," then OK, the human is better at coaxing info out of you (or inducing you to lie.) Personally, I'll stick to software.

Comment Re:Automatic upgrade (Score 1) 153

  • Can we get someone on the Slashdot staff that has actually some experience of the operating system in use by 96% of the population please?

It's not even correct for the other 4%. On Mac OS X, Silverlight absolutely alerts the user that their version is out of date and a single "OK" click will download the new version for them.

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