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Red Hat Software

Submission + - It’s Not Your Father’s Linux Market An (

AlexGr writes: In a recent article by Jeff Gould he talks about the proprietary nature of Linux in the hands of companies like Oracle and Red Hat. What I found most interesting was this:
"A recent Red Hat marketing newsletter ( sternly instructs Red Hat channel partners that customers who choose not to renew their RHEL subscriptions "must de-install Red Hat Enterprise Linux software from the servers with the expired subscriptions". GPL fans will point out that this injunction is mere table-pounding intimidation that has no legal force, but that's beside the point. As far as Red Hat is concerned, no one is entitled to use RHEL without paying for it, and they're not shy about letting people know where they stand."

Submission + - Gravity Theory Mod May Rule Out Dark Matter 2

pupitetris writes: Newton may prove himself right again when he stated that we should better find the forces that explain the movement of the stars, rather than claiming the existence of misterious and undetectable substances: S. Mendoza and X. Hernandez, two mexican astrophysicists, postulate a modification to the equation of the theory of gravity that explain the current observations of large-scale phenomena that couldn't be previously explained using gravity alone, while still retaining consistency with medium and small scale observations. This renders the Dark Matter theory unnecessary, and provides a cleaner and more ellegant solution to outer-space observations that have startled scientists for decades.

Submission + - Topics for a new 'Technology in Education' column

AutomatedEducator writes: Through an odd series of events I've found myself about to embark on writing about Tech in Education for a major Asia-Pacific news provider. My qualifications are pretty scant — I've been teaching for a few years (Social Science subjects), have a geeky streak and like writing. I've hammered out the first piece — an 800-word crowd pleaser on iPhone apps I find useful as a teacher. But I'd really like to hear from the Slashdot community about what subjects you'd like to see me cover. Fire away!

Submission + - Facebook is building an Android-based smartphone ( 1

destinyland writes: Reports are surfacing of a Facebook-backed smartphone running Google's Android system, built by INQ (who also manufactures a phone for Skype). GigaOm's Om Malik says he's been aware of the project "for quite some time," and Bloomberg News reported that Facebook Inc. will release two AT&T smartphones in 2011, first in Europe and then in America. (Adding that 25% of Facebook users access the social networking site with their wireless devices.) "Like some people would love to have a Hello Kitty phone or a Batman phone, there are undoubtedly buyers waiting with bated breath for a phone that says Facebook on it..." notes one technology blog. "The buying public seems to be entranced with the idea of the phrase 'Facebook phone' so rumors persist."

Submission + - NBC Deal Brings SNL, Galactica to Netflix ( 1

Ponca City, We Love You writes: "PC World reports that Netflix has expanded its licensing deal with NBC Universal to stream shows like "Saturday Night Live," "30 Rock," and "Battlestar Galactica." Netflix will add episodes from every season of SNL's 35-year run, as well as day-after broadcasts for the upcoming 2010, 2011, and 2012 seasons. The service will also add 75 episodes of Syfy's "Battlestar Galactica," as well as the series "Destination Truth" and "Eureka." "This agreement adds meaningfully to the wide variety of content that can be streamed from Netflix and breaks new ground in our relationship with NBC Universal," says Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix. Last week chief executive Reed Hastings announced that Netflix was thinking about offering a streaming-only service in the US as Netflix expanded its business into Canada, where it is offering a $7.99 per month streaming-only service."
Open Source

Submission + - "Buy no Evil" Android App (

David Hume writes: Haaretz is reporting that "Israeli bloggers have recently released a new Android application geared toward informing users whether or not their potential purchases were manufactured in one of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank." The Buy No Evil Android app is free. (Bar code download) As reported in the LiveLeak article, "New app makes boycotting West Bank settlements a touch easier," the bloggers behind the new application are Noam Rotem, Itamar Shaltiel, and Boris Boltianski, who run the "Activism is Open-Source" (English) blog. The message announcing the app states, "Buying a product means supporting the producer, and while we do not advocate a consumer ban, we do believe that people should be aware of which manufacturers they support."

Submission + - The Last of the Punch Card Programmers (

Peter Cus writes: English lacemaking manufacturer, to compete on quality, has reverted to 19th-Century Leavers machines. These machines use Jacquard punch cards. Ian Elm, thought to be the last of the card punchers, says young people don't want factory work.
The Internet

Submission + - 4chan Does Something Nice (

Hugh Pickens writes: "Members of 4chan aren't known for doing things that are cute and heart-warming and when they decide to go after someone, it's typically to subject them to ridicule. But not this time. Someone at 4chan decided that the Internet should get together and wish 90-year-old WWII veteran William J. Lashua a happy birthday, and soon Lashua's local branch of the American Legion was deluged by birthday calls from people as far away as Sweden. The account someone set up for Mr. Lashua's birthday on facebook had 3,956 "likes" and over 500 comments, most of which wished him a happy birthday and thanked him for his military service. It's not clear how 4chan originally came across a photo of Lashua, but a member of the site posted a snapshot of a flyer that was on the bulletin board at a store in Ashburnham, Massachusetts asking for guests to attend the nonagenarian's birthday on at the American Legion hall and the post took off. In contrast to their usual behavior, 4chan members "were giving him nice phone calls and sending him nice notes" and discouraging those who wanted to do something stupid or mean. "They were all being.. well, shucks, awful nice.""

Submission + - Facebook Censors Weed Ads (Video) (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook portrayed as a progressive company, first tramples your privacy and is now removing ads that support the legalization of marijuana that were posted to encourage young people to vote. These ads being removed from Facebook is a blow to the organization’s efforts to get pot legalized in California. Find out why Facebook did this and what kind of company is Facebook? ... more at

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