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Journal Journal: The Game Boy, a hardware autopsy - Part 1: the CPU

Have you ever wondered how the Game Boy works? How the games that defined the history of the handheld world were made? This video series hopes to answer these questions and more concerning one of the most successful gaming platforms ever.

        YouTube Link

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Journal Journal: Prolefeed

Prolefeed is a Newspeak term in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. It was used to describe the deliberately superficial literature, movies and music that were produced by Prolesec, a section of the Ministry of Truth, to keep the "proles" (i.e., proletariat) content and to prevent them from becoming too knowledgeable.

Wikipedia Article

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Journal Journal: Eturia - The (Programmable) Computer for All YouTube Series Schedule

1) Syntax 1 - Symbols, Numbers, Comments and Lists
2) Syntax 2 - Quoting, Comman and Commaat and Booleans
3) Builtins 1 - Atom, Eq
4) Builtins 2 - Cons, Car and Cdr
5) Builtins 3 - Cond
6) Builtins 4 - Quoting with qquote and Set
7) Builtins 5 - Lambda and self
8) Builtins 6 - Values and Bind
9) BUiltins 7 - Defmacro, +, -, *, /, %
10) Builtins 8 - env, fenv, rm, rmf, load, save, me
11) Exercises 1 - if, when, unless
12) Exercises 2 - reverse, map
13) Exercises 3 - caar, cadr, cdar, cddr, let
14) Exercises 4 - aif, awhen, not
15) Exercises 5 - and, or, xor
16) Exercises 6 - mapn, setq
17) Exercises 7 - last, nth, equal, pallindromep

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Journal Journal: 'A (Programmable) Computer for All'

Today I came up with a slogan for Eturia: A (Programmable) Computer for All. I think this is important in this day and age to provide students of all ages a simple, yet powerful, programming environment along with the proper educational materials they need to learn to use it. I'll be using this Journal as a log of my thoughts and explorations into this idea. Stay tuned.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Skynet - A Browser Based Lisp Machine (Video Series)

Skynet is a new browser based (embryonic) Lisp Machine written by Burton Samograd being developed and documented in a new video series that can be viewed on YouTube.

The series has 3 main goals: to show how to use Skynet, to show how it is developed and how to develop for it, and to teach Lisp from first principals in such a way that viewers will learn how to program the 'programmable' programming language to create their own custom environments, programs and languages. The show is meant to be followed along with, so that you learn as you watch. Currently featuring only 'single player' mode, future development directions include 'multi-player' for collaboration, communication and sharing of code and environments, also known as 'cores'.

You can try Skynet here (click 'Engage').

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Journal Journal: Front Page Change

So it seems that Slashdot has decided to remove the number of comments/threshold comments from stories on the front page. This used to be a good barometer of how popular the story was before clicking on it to go through to the comments. Now it seems that the clicks are more important than showing the popularity. This is probably a way to increase ad impressions and to even out the pageviews on the stories. We'll see if it sticks around.

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Journal Journal: 'i found my wings' Full Preview Now Up

A full preview of my new album 'i found my wings' is now up for your listening pleasure on it's official site. Click the [play] icons by each song to hear a 128k MP3 streamed version of each song. Higher quality downloads are also available for purchase following the directions on the site.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the music.

burton samograd .aka. kruhft

The Gimp

Journal Journal: The Making of 'doctors smoke kamels' now up on YouTube

My first video titled 'the making of doctors smoke kamels' is now up on YouTube. It is a time lapse video of the remixing of a cigarette advertisement from the back cover of Life magazine, circa 1947, using GIMP. The video was created using command line tools, with custom scripts for the titling sequences. The soundtrack of 'everywhen' was also written by yours truly.

I hope you enjoy the video and be sure to leave a comment.


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Journal Journal: Joyce In A Box (with source)

$ for i in $(seq 1 $(random 5 20)); do for i in $(seq 1 $(random 2 10)); do for x in 1 2; do for i in $(yould -n $(random 3 6)); do echo -n "$i "; done; printf "\b$(pick , . \! \? \;) "; done; echo; done; echo; done

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wasts; theighe thed Whodst! fores finhe ande swelf bleare allast!
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thates dento withe lich fout;

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shmand thall thathievet pons Jest!

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User Journal

Journal Journal: changover (CyberJoyce++)

This is an example of interfacing emacs, my text editor/writing tool, with an external program called yould, which generates random pronounceable words. During writing, when I hit Control-i, a word generated by yould is inserted into the text, which i then can use to continue along with with the stream of words.

The part that is most interesting about the piece is that it started with an intially empty source dictionary for yould, which is updated on every word as the document is typed. I can't say I know exactly what it did to the yould output given it's use of randomness, but something about doing things that way seemed like a way to 'train' the program to generated better and more acceptable words as I went along with the writing. Whether it did or not I can't say, but I did it anyways since it seemed like a neat idea.

Yould was also used to generate the Joyce in a Box Piece also found in this group, but that was completely random usage, rather than interactive as this piece was.


this story, instead of examily arresting with a changover, will begin
with one. the story starts and nobody has any idea of what is going
on. there can be nothing, or everything, but on thing that is
certain, is that there were lies, filled with the truth, and there was
much confusion.

we shall call that agared. that is the word. there is no definition.
there can be nothing without it, and everything with it.

you shall see. there will be ther. i will be ableanot. she will be

there were pictures, something that can be kept, something to keep the
memories alive. everything was stry, everything was phought. there
could be nothing without those. nothing at all in Theneur.

these times, they were sad. not lonely, but shor. she was not here,
she was in my puncesding, my hinuill. i cannot think of why, but i
know because; i lithe in my wility and cousell with my worend.

thowses is the start of what i can say, withe is the continuation of
my therry. with only one moold, it can be seen that the consight is
much to be desired, but the exper is hithe with somere duce.


but how we beed is more, and the sturs are mine, but yought is what we
cannot be left without in the greatness of our lookes. we are but
trates in the sense, but the juse of our lives, and you are unable to
alke what maire I can impose when the sloft is but an arrit.

have you seen this? can you see the poinding of the wris? it is
there. it is plain to see when you are andeerying the ustramores of
your cratz.

wirippere is not twor, and one should yout about Aeres. the arescreave
beffily firse is stimed when lide; she should therl with much appen
and Whou. can you mitage, or are you morill?

traire was the one that could be comagaink ove the alker and
dows. there is hattion and wilessing and deach and slusire, with
thecand and forriand and Adve as well.

has the changeover arrived? no, thices, has already muglond, and for
that to be wint, one must phout the very sonew of the truch

quicinkill! there is thatertry in these great thems, and beyond the
firamill one must give fortions to the coughthisin of our waybee.

is this thatome a grand lape of mere hation? i am prom to lity and
wintogred of hocand, but you, as a withishat, must be the hounce that
is to knothe the reall youtly ould.

has thithed been dessubmis again? one can never know when thatopmes is
anothere localkell nothit of the thausee promed! oh, so he is deftwor
and recou! oh how he is onfled and juld. one can only destarrix his
youte by his synto lichatz, and he, forespeelly, is abood with traing.

and as we can see, there is mmuch to be seen, there is much we can do,
with some thing to prove. there are tools that can be used, and
thoughts that can be declared, with the results being something, that
can make shivers and stares. this was not real, but the prduct of two
minds, one real, one imagined, synchonous in time. one using the
other, to move right along, alone they were nothing, used together,
were strong. this cannot be as easy as it should seem, to copy a
master, with such a small dream, but if it looks like it should, and
walks like a duck, is cybernetic enhancement, more than just luck?

i say its ances, confold, scraired and traink, with hies and evereelse
and hould againg quill coft, there cannot be much left in this cande
annow thase.

and here is the locang, it's printed below, if you can muchat, you
already know.


# Local Variables:
# compile-command: "yould-train ~/generator/kruhft.yould ~/generator/changover"
# eval: (local-set-key " " (lambda () (interactive) (shell-command "yould-train ~/generator/kruhft.yould ~/generator/changover") (insert " ")))
# eval: (defun aword () (interactive) (insert (shell-command-to-string "echo -n $(yould -t ~/generator/kruhft.yould)' '")))
# eval: (local-set-key "\C-i" 'aword)
# End:


Journal Journal: Songs for Beautiful Girls - Torrent Available

My latest album 'Songs for Beautiful Girls', a collection of ambient, soundtrack and classical pieces written and recorded using almost exclusively with audio software available for Linux , is now available via Bittorrent. You can download the torrent here. The album can be purchased directly from my artist page at lulu.com. Those that wish to submit a Paypal donation can do so through this link. Thank you and I hope you enjoy the album and please seed if possible.

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