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Submission + - HP Cloud offers up free access to OpenStack (

krow writes: "HP Cloud is offering free access to Open Stack via its public cloud. Today adoption is growing around the Open Stack APIs, and we are offering up access to push tool integration and adoption around the API's. Most recently we have been able to add support for on-demand Jenkin's orchestration via the JCloud's plugin.

API, as well as console, access is being made to the computer, object storage, and CDN interfaces. There are images being provided for different Linux distributions, and additionally images for Bitnami, ActiveState's Stackato, and Enterprise DB's Postgres images. Hopefully the access can be used to drive adoption of the Open Source alternative to Amazon's APIs."

Submission + - A Response to RMS on Dual License

krow writes: "Richard's comments on the Oracle Acquisition of Sun left me scratching my head over his continued support of the closed source licensing around open source software. Having spent more then a decade in the MySQL community I feel like his understanding that the harm is advocacy does, needs to be addressed. In pushing for the rights of the proprietary software business that lurks within the GPL, he is squandering the opportunity for the advocacy of open source within the European Union."

Submission + - Have you trademarked your cloud? (

krow writes: "Remember two years ago when we had that little stir up over the term Web 2.0? Well it looks like we might be going through this again, but this time it is Dell who has decided to trademark the term "Cloud Computing". You can study their use of the term under the 77139082 filing. The filing is just chuck full of stuff like "Design of computer hardware for use in data centers and mega-scale, blah, blah, blah". Will there be enough clouds to go around? Or will we need to resort to "hot-air computing" to describe our new data centers?"
Sun Microsystems

Submission + - MySQL Reverses Decision on Close Source ( 1

krow writes: "I am very happy to be announcing that MySQL will be forgoing close sourcing portions of the MySQL Server. Kaj has the official statement in his blog. No portion of the server of the sever will be closed source including backup, encryption, or any storage engines we ship. To quote Kaj "the encryption and compression backup features will be open source". This is a change from what was previously posted here on Slashdot. I've posted some additional thoughts on my own blog concerning how we keep open source from becoming crippleware. Word has it that we will also have a panel at this year's OSCON discussing this relevant topic. Contrary to the previous Slashdot post, this shows Sun's continued commitment to Open Source."

Submission + - The Technology behind the search for Jim Gray (

krow writes: "Wired has published an article on the technology behind the search for Jim Gray. It is a good set of highlights of his career and the people he worked with during it, and how they applied technology to solve the problem of trying to find him. Greasemonkey scripts, private jets, Ocean going robots, etc were used. Its an amazing read on what can be done with "human" search technology."

Submission + - Postgres Engine for MySQL Released

krow writes: "One of the unique qualities of the MySQL server is its ability to have multiple storage engine operate concurrently. Companies like Oracle and Solid have contributed their own storage engines to the open source project. With 5.1 MySQL has added the ability to now do this in a loadable fashion, allowing dynamic engines in the same manner as Apache with its modules.
Now PostgreSQL can add its self to the list of databases who have contributed a storage engine to MySQL. I'm releasing today a plugin so that you can now plugin the Postgres database engine into MySQL and have it work natively along side other engines."

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