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Comment Zoom the window server (Score 1) 367

I think the window manager is the best place to do this, not the display drivers or the game engines.

Mac OS X has a whole-screen zooming function, and probably the new stuff too. Smoothing is configurable. Just start the game in a window, and have a black background around it. Then zoom in at whole pixel intervals until the game is as large as it can be on your monitor.

Comment Re:What about your right to privacy? (Score 1) 251

The whole equation only works out if it is guaranteed that the public's need to know always wins, and it is known that it always wins.

Then, there is always going to be pressure on information like this to be released, and hence it is always and only the fault of the bank if it breaks enough moral rules for the information to be forced out in the open. Morally, the bank is always the guilty party.

Comment Re:Bank, Lawyers do their job - film at 11 (Score 1) 251

How would you feel if you were a customer of a bank, that bank turned out to be doing something illegal, and your private banking information were revealed publicly as a side effect of that?

Rightly, I would be angry at the evil bank that had caused exposure of my private information by being offensive enough for someone to break the code of conduct to defeat a greater evil. Morals and the sense of justice ought always to prevail - this is what the laws were for. Remember, spirit, not letter.

Comment They aren't (Score 1) 506

why is the current generation of games giving so much importance to the realism in graphic games?

You're looking at the wrong games. The realistic stuff is in the bulk market - which is composed of previous generations but with extra bells and whistles.

The actual current generation of games, IMO, are things like Braid, weird Flash games, Dwarf Fortress, Scribblenauts, Wii games. Where the innovation is. These don't have realistic graphics.

Except maybe Dwarf Fortress, which has very realistic, very low-resolution graphics.

Comment Monopoly? (Score 1) 640

The throttling, the turning to shit, of your Internet connections may allow someone new to enter the market. Maybe the dialup people can start competing.

If the market is healthy in your area, that is.

Is the market healthy? No? Why not? Can you do something about it? Can someone?

When you guys have answered that question, feel free to cap and throttle. As long as it's in a non-monopolistic environment, or one that has potential to not be monopolistic.

Comment Re:SSDs = productivity (Score 1) 480

Nice - Thought you might have!

Btw - Thanks for sharing the config, VM parameter tuning is still a black art. (A fun little black art.)

Have you tried the JRockit realtime JRE? It is REALLY nice, it makes Eclipse feel snappier than most C++ programs on my box. It's a free download too. It's worth it if you can toss 100-200 extra MB at the IDE. Link:

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