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Comment Re: Eugenics (Score 2) 93

Well that is now but wait till political and financial considerations come into effect. I mean if you have to deal with a budget the way your decisions are made will change. For example a person who is lazy or has a slightly increased risk of getting a depression or disease that is expensive to treat will be undesirable in your eyes. Not to mention entire feared ethnic groups.

Eugenics is not only morally bad, it is evolutionarily shortsighted too. Eugenics says for example, that a person born with a condition that prevents them from walking should not reproduce. But then what if that person also has a separate gene that makes them super smart? With eugenics, the intelligence gene is lost. With gene editing the person can fix the walking defect and have offspring such that the intelligence genes propagate.

With gene editing people with obviously bad traits can still reproduce. We won't get any closer to solving the slippery slope issue but as everyone chooses the intelligence genes someone in the future can solve it.

Comment Re:Eugenics (Score 4, Insightful) 93

Uh, gene editing is totally different than eugenics which literally prevented people with traits that were considered "undesirable" from reproducing. Eugenics involves infringing on someone's right to reproduce. Gene editing however is no different than choosing an green eyed partner because you want your kids to have that trait. Is that wrong? With gene editing you can choose a brown eyed partner and get an green eyed kid. It's not evil. You can have a kid with a black woman and your kids can still look white. Anyway, it's not eugenics. A person has the right to change their own genes. How can you tell me I can't change my own DNA? If I can change my own DNA, then why can't I change the DNA of my offspring as long as the offspring is not deliberately injured or made to suffer by it. You wanna talk about risk, what about women over 40 who have kids? That risks the baby to all kinds of stuff. While I don't advocate using CRISPR this early for gene editting this early. Long term, I see nothing morally or ethically wrong with using it once the technology is proven to be lower risk than say a woman having a baby after age 38.

You have no right to tell me that I can't change my DNA and, in addition, you can't tell me I can't fix any broken genes in my kids -- unless it is a trait deliberately to hurt them. I mean you have no right to tell me how to raise my kids either, unless it is child abuse. It should be the same way with gene editing.

Comment hashing and salting (Score 1) 30

Hashing and salting makes your breakfast taste better ... but for you shouldn't use the same salt for every password.

You have to use a UNIQUE SALT for every password and then have a WORK FACTOR of some large number (use the bcrypt library). That makes it much harder to crack all the passwords in the database because the attacker can't make a thing called a rainbow table easily .. which is basically a list of possible passwords hashed with the salt. Oh yeah when they enter the password check that the user doesn't use any of the top 100 passwords and patterns (ie, company name or username derivative a password etc.). First, after 3 bad tries (make sure you're saving the count on the server by updating the DB with the number of consecutive failed attempts -- dont track it with a cookie or session) on a username display a reCAPTCHA challenge. Second, if they do the reCAPTCHA but can't get the right password after 3 more tries .. then lock the account at least temporarily. The reason for displaying a reCAPTCHA before locking accounts is to make it harder for someone to write a script that locks out all your users. People should be using password managers nowadays anyway (they are built into the browsers right).

Comment Innovate (Score 1) 129

They need to figure out how to make a smartwatch that is whole-room charging or automatic. That is, you never have to plug it in.

My biggest issue with smartwatches is having to charge them. They need to figure out how to make it charge while you are wearing it in the car or sitting in a cafe.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1) 611

I thought everyone knew by now that the MIT open courseware site has all the coursework and lecture notes and videos for many degrees and Stanford courses are available too on iTunes and wherever else. You can do the courses, but obviously you won't get the piece of paper with your name printed in a fancy font, nor will you get to ask the professor questions but you have all the lecture notes to gain equivalent knowledge. And that's assuming you don't want to use google.

Comment Re: Good! (Score 1, Informative) 611

How are the minnelials worse off?

They don't have these burdens compared to the previous:

They don't have to pay for long distance calls.
They can email, text, tweet, or communicate with people all over the world. They can share your opinion instantly with many people at the same time.
THe Nintendo of 1985 sucked compared to the current Xbox One.
You can rent or watch nearly any movie at home you like instantly online (don't have to rent a VHS tape).
You have access for FREE to everything you need to master any subject, including all the coursework to get degrees for top universities like MIT and Stanford.
Just about any fact can be looked up instantly.
The violent crime or murder amount and rate is drastically lower.
AIDS is not going to melt from their insides and make you die.
They have better access to healthcare.

How are they worse off?

Comment Re: They don't like him?! (Score 1) 360

Everyone has an "unknown" background to some extent. That's a hell of a thing, have you videotaped your entire existence? Yes it's true we can check where you went to school who your relatives are etc. but how do we know u haven't done bad stuff at some point or maybe you do it secretly even now?
Fact is, if you are automatically paranoid of "unknown" you can harm people. While paranoia might reduce your own risk overall more people are hurt by paranoia than are helped.

If the narrative that illegal immigrants increase crime how come the number, and especially the rate, of murder and violent crime has drastically reduced over the last 25 years? In fact we are at historic minimums in terms of crime. In fact, statistically, there is a strong case for the fact that illegals have caused a violent crime reduction.

Refugees, nearly always, can't prove their background. If they are fleeing persecution do you think they had time to get all their background checks and certifications done? I will bet money that a majority of people who hate illegals will not hesitate to illegally immigrate somewhere if they were facing a dire situation at home. Like many people claim they won't steal under any circumstance. What if your and driving with family and get in an serious accident on a desolate road and your family is hurt in it .. there is no cell phone service but there is a locked holiday cabin with a phone and first aid supplies. I bet cash money most people will break into the locked holiday cabin to steal the first aid kit and make a phone call to get help.

Yeah so all the hate on illegal while maybe 1 out of 10 might be bad don't forget about the other 9. We have had a huge influx of illegal immigrants yet there has been a REDUCTION in violent crime.

Comment Re:Not just innovation (Score 1) 360

If they are giving aid & comfort to the enemy, then they are obviously enemies too. But then he should have said "people who are giving aid and comfort to the enemy" .. it's obvious his intent is to go after family members who may have zero involvement or even knowledge of the terrorists intents. Seriously you think a 2 year old kid is deliberately giving aid & comfort to the enemy? Going after innocent people is not going to help in any war effort. Anyway I am sure many people don't want to win by harming innocent people.

Comment Re: disaster for profiting from cheap foreign labo (Score 0) 360

Wait so your job is to take away the jobs of call center operators, insurance adjusters etc?

I guess if someone takes your job you will feel the same sympathy you felt towards the people whose jobs YOU eliminated? No problem doing to others what you don't want done to you?

Comment Re: They don't like him?! (Score 1, Informative) 360

What about Steve Wozniak? He signed the letter, he is not an innovator? What about the founders of companies like Splunk, Qualcomm, eBay, Yelp, Twitter, and Wikipedia? And even though they didn't sign we know from their public statements that the founders of Microsoft, Cisco, Google, YouTube, Tesla/SpaceX, and Facebook support immigrants.

Who are the anti immigrant tech leaders?? Besides Peter Thiel (who btw didn't invent anything) and I suppose maybe one or two others I assume .. there aren't many. I guess high intelligence correlates with a higher caring about fellow human beings.

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