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Comment aliase's (Score 1) 171

I have had 10 / 15? email address's since the early 90's and not one had my real name, not even my .gov or .mil address's. The govt. computers did not like the way my name is spelled and it is not Bobby Drop Tables either. Still have 4 or 5, only one that I use for real mail the rest are for sign-ups. My e-mail address is fairly close in spelling to my real name, but not quite. And I use mailinator too.

Comment Re:another version (Score 1) 53

The belts are generally a flexible plastic with a coating of the oleophilic material, sometime a large rotating drum is used. Skimmers are made small enough to fit into a barrel bung hole, up to fairly large vessels (bigger boats). If you want to see how they work there are lots of videos out there of both small and large skimmers.

Comment another version (Score 3, Interesting) 53

Will this work like a oleophilic belt skimmer? Which do a pretty good job for a very reasonable price. And you can set a skimmer to work continuously. Days, week's or months they just keep rotating and removing the oil. There are always uses for different types of oil recovery and this sponge will have its place.

Comment A copycat (Score 1) 425

This is not new, this fingerprint reader has been worked on for several years by several people and manufacturers. Basically, this kid is doing the same thing that the Texas clock maker did, take a object apart and put it back together in a different pattern. It is not a new idea, it does not work reliably and it is just a publicity stunt.

Comment Authors goals (Score 1) 252

As Larry Coreia states, the first goal of a author should be "get paid". If you were a author what would you rather have, the sales numbers equal to 50 Shades of Grey or the sales numbers from the last National Book Award winner? What percentage of /. readers can name the last National Book Award winner? What percentage of /. readers can name half a dozen different S.F. books that they consider good reading?

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