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Comment My notice story (Score 1) 765

Was working afternoon shift on a Friday night, there were about 15 minutes to the 12 o'clock quitting time. My boss opened my door and said "I heard you were leaving", me "yes" , him "when?", me, "in about 15 minutes, him "oh". They had all weekend to find and train a replacement. I did not have anything against my boss, he was a good guy. Now the levels above him, there were some things that made me smile when I was walking to the car after the shift was over.

Comment Re:I wonder how the USA would rate... (Score 1) 88

Well water, surface water, brackish water, salt water, waste water and water under the influence of surface water is all water that can be treated to become potable water. How much are you willing to spend? If you really want to spend money, go to the level of purity needed for some industrial applications like chip manufacturing. The numerical grades given do not mean anything as we do not know what the standard is that the grades are being compared to.

Comment Re:Another option (Score 1) 678

Ballistic Nylon is a common term for a heavy duty type of woven nylon. Wiki says that It originally was a Dupont product in WW-2 for protecting airmen. But my uncles wore leather flight gear. If it was really bad they had steel plates that they wore over the leather. But "Ballistic Nylon" has since been used for about any thicker denier weave of nylon. Think of it as Kleenex vs. facial tissue paper thing.

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