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Comment Re:What people do in private life belongs to them (Score 1) 476

Larry, do you really think women are inferior to men?

No, I do not.

Larry, do you really think all women are supposed to serve men as slaves?

No, I do not.

Do you believe it's wrong for a woman to have authority over a man?

No, I do not. You're quoting the Christian Bible, not me.

I voted for women for President, Senate, Congress, and State House in the last US election, and not for the first time.

I've spent a majority of my career working for women, directly or indirectly. Many projects I've been involved with had women as tech leads. I had no issue.

But don't the Gor books say lots of anti-women things?

Yes, the do. They're argument by hyperbole, not to be taken literally. Even the author says as much.

The Torah, Bible, and Quran say lots of anti-women things, too. Most followers of those books don’t take them literally either. There are religious people who are misogynist pigs. Yet it wouldn't even occur to us to exclude someone who says "I'm a Christian", unless they personally took actions that were abusive or derogatory.

But, you said slave!

Yes, I did. Consensual power exchange communities, at least in the US, have been using the terms “Master” and “slave” for more than twice as long as I've been alive. I didn't pick it.

No, there is not even a little bit of similarity between consensual power exchange relationships and the horrific abuse that unfortunately still happens in too much of the world today.

"Slavery", as the word is used by Goreans and others in M/s relationships is, from a legal perspective, a consensual simulation at best. It's a cultural affectation. There is no actual coercion or force involved. In the ideal case it is a deeply loving, symbiotic relationship, not an exploitive one.

So wait, what do you believe?

I believe there are no significant differences between populations or genders relating to aptitude. I put no stock whatsoever in "girls can't do X" type statements, especially in tech. I have worked with far too many damned good women software developers and managers to believe otherwise.

I believe everyone deserves equal treatment under the law, and from their employers and co-workers. And that treatment had damned well better be respectful and supportive.

I believe that no statement about human nature is universal. Humans are just too complicated a species.

I believe that diverse collaborative groups are better than monocultural ones. That is, diverse along many axes: sex, race, age, educational background, religious background (or lack thereof), sexual orientation, family status, relationship status... anything that affects a person's experiences and/or thought processes.

I believe that as long as a relationship is entered into, and maintained, with informed consent from all parties to all activities in the relationship, it is by default morally acceptable. I may not be interested in it, I may be made uncomfortable by it, I may not like it, but it's not my place to call it "wrong". Nor is it yours.

I believe that a relationship that lacks the informed consent from all parties is by default morally unacceptable.

I believe that human psychology is shaped in part by evolution, and that does impact the sexes. Men and women have, on average, differences in their neurology that can impact personality. (For information on how this affects children, it has been suggested Boys by Daniel J. Hodgins is a good resource.) These are averages, and trends across a population only and say nothing about an individual person. For example, men are, on average, taller than women but there are men and women of almost every conceivable height. Men, on average, have greater upper body strength that women yet there are plenty of women that could easily bench-press me.

I believe if I wish to discuss a fictional book series, philosophy, unconventional relationships, or whatever else with friends and acquaintances on a forum dedicated to that purpose, I have the right to do so without prejudice and discrimination. And so do you.

I believe that everyone should strive to reach their full potential and maximize whatever skills they have, regardless of their background. I believe it is my duty as a fellow human being to help others do so to the extent I am able. I believe this statement to be a very Gorean attitude.

I believe that full potential is different for different people, and in different areas. People are not all equal in skill, aptitude, inclination, or desire. That's OK. (There are plenty of areas where my skills are not even worth mentioning.) Everyone still deserves the right to try and reach and to improve and better themselves.

I believe that those differences in skill do not correlate to any of the usual things people try to discriminate on, and it's asinine to try and use them as justification for discrimination.

I believe the above statements to be fully compatible with identifying as Gorean.

I believe none of the above is contradictory with Drupal's published values, or unstated values.

Comment Re:Such scary FUD (Score 1) 160

Depends on what you are after. butane as a solvent is less selective than supercritical CO2, but more selective than something like ethanol. the CO2 gets the main thc canabinoids but misses many of the minor THCs and CBDs. Butane gets some of the minor THCs and a lil bit of the terpenes. ethanol grabs most everything.

Comment Re:Prepare for Succession (Score 1) 171

the action of withdrawing formally from membership of a federation or body, especially a political state.
"the republics want secession from the union"

a number of people or things sharing a specified characteristic and following one after the other.
"she had been secretary to a succession of board directors"
synonyms: sequence, series, progression, chain, cycle, round, string, train, line, run, flow, stream
"a succession of exciting events"
the action or process of inheriting a title, office, property, etc.
"the new king was already elderly at the time of his succession"
synonyms: accession, elevation, assumption
"his succession to the throne"

Comment Re:So basically ... the attack wins? (Score 2) 212

I would imagine if he paid them what it costs to mitigate that kind of onslaught for days and days he would be online. I am certain that his blog being offline for a few days or weeks till this stops isn't worth it to ANYONE to use the resources to keep it up.

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