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Submission + - Keeping track of all your systems

FrodoTeeBagins writes: Managing multiple servers, programs, and updates is something that IT professionals do everyday. Keeping track of all the servers, passwords, software versions, update history, and logs is becoming a chore that builds up and becomes more complex day by day. What program or method do you use to keep track of all your systems information?

Submission + - Where have all the smart people gone? 1

Coussie writes: You've heard the expression lately, "where have all the bees gone?". Indicating that there is some environmental crisis on the horizon. I've come to a similiar conclusion about the business I work in, Information Technology. Ten years ago, when I started in this business most of the people I worked with were very intelligent, and in many cases gifted. Most were well educated and had graduated from tier 1 or tier 2 universities and specialized in an IT discipline, such as computer science or engineering. Today, I see very few people like that in IT. I've worked for mostly large fortune 500 companies in my career, and have worked for quite a few of them and have noticed this trend in recent years. In the company I work for now I am easily the only graduate of a tier 1 school on the entire floor. Most of the people I come in contact with have a military type background, are "legacy" employees that have been with the company since time began, or are people from other disciplines who simply "fell into" IT. Where have all the smart people gone? What does this say about our industry, if anything?

Submission + - Is SMS message content stored by US telcos? 1

An anonymous reader writes: Does anyone know if US telcos store the content of SMS/text messages? Can it be retrieved for evidence in legal matters? Both the source and recipient are T-Mobile subscribers.

Submission + - Valve customer credit card details hacked

appregator writes: It seems Valve's security is under fire once again, this time a hacker by the name of MaddoXX has gained root access to their servers. After exposing customer information, including several full credit card numbers, and Valve bank account details, the hacker threatened to release more in an apparent attempt to extort Valve. The screenshots posted by the hacker show their total assets to be at around 9.2 million USD. When users began reporting the leak on the steampowered forums their threads were quickly deleted. Why on earth was such personal information being stored on a web server? Screenshot of hackers website at http://i17.tinypic.com/2e0irza.jpg (masking CC numbers), taken by the steampowered forum user.

Submission + - YouTube in windows media player

John Forbush of TechnologyForever.com writes: "Did you know that playing YouTube Videos with with Windows Media Player (WMP) isn't difficult at all? In fact it can be easily done. The following article is originally from TechnologyForever.com 's blog which is available at the Following URL : http://www.technologyforever.com/blogtf/ and is listed below. Originally From My Blog http://www.technologyforever.com/blogtf/articles/2 007/03/19/youtube-in-windows-media-player In this article I will discuss how to watch Youtube videos in windows media player Step one when you find a you tube video the URL generally looks like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZfKSYZXScc Step two to get the video into windows media player on you tube one of the ways to get to the video is to type the URL youtube.com/v/ and in the first URL where it says watch?v= copy this number so the URL looks something like this http://www.youtube.com/v/zZfKSYZXScc and at the end of this type .swf so the url looks like http://www.youtube.com/v/zZfKSYZXScc.swf then go to windows media player past http://www.youtube.com/v/zZfKSYZXScc.swf the above URL is an example only into the URL to open in windows media player you will be surprised it actually works also if you wan't to get rid of where it the video to fill the Windows media player right click the video and choose show all."

Submission + - Nintendo Wii Charge Station Shipping

Croakyvoice writes: Wii News have details of the first Charge Station released for the Nintendo Wii along with a rechargeable battery included, heres more details" It is used to charge special battery pack of Wii controller.
Match with special rechargeable battery pack used on Wii controller.
Power supplies from Wii console USB interface, no need other adapters.
It can hold a Wii controller, and charge for a special controller battery pack
It can charge 2 pieces of AA rechargeale battery, too."

Submission + - ReactOS Revealed

reactosfanboy writes: DRM Hacker Alex Ionescu explains the internals of ReactOS in a recent talk. Ionescu indicates that ReactOS is nearly 100% binary and API compatible with the Windows 2003 kernel, and that they are aiming for full Vista compatibility. Ionescu attempted to demonstrate ReactOS but only managed to successfully install it after two BSoD's. This alone should make it clear that ReactOS is still not ready for prime time.

Submission + - Internet Radio to be killed by the RIAA

Anonymous Coward writes: "Just got this in the mail from Tim Westergren, Pandora's CEO: "I'm writing today to ask for your help. We've had a disastrous turn of events recently for internet radio: Following an intensive lobbying effort on the part of the RIAA, an arbitration committee in Washington DC has just dramatically increased the fees internet radio sites must pay to the record labels — tripling fees and adding enormous retroactive payments! Left unchanged by Congress, this will kill all internet radio sites, including Pandora. Tomorrow afternoon there is an important U.S. Senate hearing on the future of internet radio."

This issue has started to get blog coverage: http://gigaom.com/2007/03/05/webcaster-royalty-rat es-go-up/ and http://www.rossdawsonblog.com/weblog/archives/2007 /03/the_vast_potent.html

If you live in the US, please contact your local Congressman now!

Please note that I have no Pandora affiliation except as a very happy user."

Submission + - Traffic flow now on Google Maps

JohnAGonzalez writes: A recent look at Google Maps shows that they have added a new traffic feature. Click on the Traffic button in the upper right-hand corner of the map window while viewing your local metropolitan area and the major roads will be overlaid with colored outlines that show the traffic flow for that particular roadway.

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