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Comment That's why I like(d) PHP docs (Score 5, Interesting) 418

In PHP docs with every item there comes the section for for "user contributed notes" which are sometimes pretty insightful (like there php strings intro or there implode string function ). Long time ago in a galaxy far away when I used to code in PHP those useful comments not only usually saved my day, but somehow compensated for the unorthogonality (well, an understatement) of the PHP standard library and the language itself. So - yes - I definitely prefer using worse language with better docs than the other way round (think Haskell vs PHP).

Submission + - Attributes > Classes: Custom DOM Attributes

Pete Forde writes: "XHTML gives us the ability to extend our markup with customized, semantically meaningful attributes. While the battle between class and attribute might be a holy war to some (and unknown to most others) the fact remains that attribute name value pairs are easier to read and understand, and only attributes allow you to associate a value with your meta-data. Extending XHTML elements in my projects has made me think of how to solve problems in new and better ways.

In this article, I explain several examples and provide functions for working with your own custom attributes."

Submission + - Virginia Online Driving School

peterson123 writes: "I hail from a rural village 300 km away from Richmond. I happen to relocate myself to Richmond on my living purpose. Things went on pretty smooth and normal as before until the day I encountered with a lot of traffic problems. I tried to manage the heavy traffic but went out of scope since I wasn't able to maintain the pace with the other vehicles on the road, consequently was issued a traffic ticket along with an ordinance to pursue a driver improvement course .

I was looking for a course that can be pursued at my convenient time and place especially with in my affordable range. I was told about Virginia Online Driving School and this was up to mark with my expectations.

I completed the online, self paced course as I thought of and could gain enormous amount of knowledge on various defensive driving strategies, road rules etc. from Virginia Online Driving School .The learning imparted was so result oriented that the implementation was quite easy and I never faced any more problems more over was able to resolve them in a right way.

For more information about Virginia Online Driving School Course "Click Here" ."

Submission + - Practical Ajax with Ruby on Rails examples

An anonymous reader writes: Its well known that Ruby on Rails provides an excellent platform for building Web applications, but did you know how well it works with Ajax? This article takes you through the steps of building a Rails web application and then dives right into using Ajax features to give your application the Web 2.0 rich user interface experience.

Submission + - Bill Gates funds anti-net neutrality Congressman

amigoro writes: "It has emerged that Bill Gates funded an anti-neutrality Congressman at the last election. He gave $2,000, the maximum possible, to Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), who voted against Markey's "Net Neutrality Act of 2006". He also meant to be working closely with another anti-net neutrality Congressman, Cliff Stearns.

This is hardly surprising, considering the fact that Microsoft stands to lose, not gain, from net neutrality."

Submission + - Sony Unveils eInk Electronic Book Reader

TomAnthony writes: "Sony have unveiled their Sony Reader at the CES show. The device, capable of holding up to 80 books at a time, is about the same size as a regular paperback, and weighs only 9 ounces. Using an eInk based display there is no backlight to strain the eyes, and battery power is consumed only to 'turn the page'. CNET have more details and report that the price will be $349.

Sony will provide books from an accompanying store, which they've yet to announce pricing for. However, with Project Gutenberg already established, there will already be a huge pool of books to get started on."
The Internet

Pegasus and Mercury Circling the Drain 217

Daemon Duck writes "One of the web's oldest and most respected email clients is flickering out of existence. Pegasus mail and its companion SMTP server, Mercury32, have been discontinued due to lack of funding for the ongoing development. On the website, the author David Harris states that if some funding becomes available he would consider opening the source code or continuing the development."
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Second Life Goes GPL

paniq writes: "According to the Linden Blog, Linden Labs released the client software to their Second Life Online Game as open source, licenced under the GPL v2. From the Article: "A lot of the Second Life development work currently in progress is focused on building the Second Life Grid — a vision of a globally interconnected grid with clients and servers published and managed by different groups. Expect many changes and updates in the coming months in support of this architecture." While the open source community might be positively surprised about this move, will it also mean a new wave of exploits on Second Life servers?

— if you reject this story, please privmsg me with a short explanation — i write stories on an occasional base, they usually get rejected, and i never have a clue why. linking the faq is not enough — thank you."
The Matrix

Submission + - Every German Creditcard has been screened!

An anonymous reader writes: just read it at "spiegel online":,1518,45784 4,00.html the police screened about 22 million creditcards. in search for child porn customers. its good, that they are trying to get those people, but its not okay to screen 22 million non-guilty customers. also wrote an article about it at: sorry. my english is not good enough to translate the whole article
United States

US Visitor Fingerprints To Be (Perhaps) Stored by FBI 503

stair69 writes "Since 2004 many visitors to the United States have had 2 fingerprints taken under the US-VISIT scheme. Now there are new plans to extend this scheme — under the proposal all 10 fingerprints will be taken, and they will be stored permanently on the FBI's criminal fingerprint database. The fingerprints will also be made available to police forces in other countries. The scheme is due to be introduced by the end of 2008, but it will be trialled in 10 of the bigger airports initially." Of course, it is worth pointing out that given the recent change in Congress, I suspect that a number of countries will get a "bye" on this round,

Submission + - Scott Rosenberg: What Makes Software So Hard

lizzyben writes: The history of software development is marked by missed deadlines, blown budgets and broken promises. Author Scott Rosenberg, founding editor of Salon discusses this dysfunctional culture, and why it persists.

From the interview: "Software is basically entirely abstract, except for the screens, and the screens are what business people always end up focusing on. The insubstantiality of the product promotes the idea that, hey, why should it take so long? There's nothing there."

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