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Submission + - Fewer African-Americans, more Asians in IT (

lizzyben writes: "This CIO Insight analysis of government data shows that the percentage of employed blacks in IT managerial and staff professional positions in the United States declined nearly 26 percent over the past 6 and a half years while the employment within IT among Asians soared by more than 17 percent.

From the article: "African-Americans are proportionally less represented in IT than they are in other professions. African-Americans represent 6.5 percent of employed IT managers and staff professionals but 11 percent of all types of managers and staff professionals. However, 16.3 percent of Asians hold IT managerial and professional staff jobs versus 4.6 percent of overall managerial and professional staff jobs in the U.S. Citing other research, CIO Insight reports that a majority of surveyed African-American IT managers have considered leaving their jobs over the previous 12 months. Fewer than half saw the possibility of career advancement in IT.""


Submission + - CIO Salary Survey: Who Are The Highest Paid? (

lizzyben writes: Compensation packages in the multiple millions are becoming more common, a new Baseline study of public companies shows.

From the article: "The jump in multimillion-dollar pay packages for 2006 isn't surprising, considering that fewer than half of the executives in our ranking have plain "CIO" titles. Twenty-nine of the 52 also manage operations, logistics, customer service or other business areas. Jeff Fox, whose $9 million paycheck last year puts him at the top of our list, oversees technology inside Alltel but also is president of Alltel's shared services group. He's been at the company 11 years and, at age 44, is one of the youngest execs on our list."


Submission + - Top 100 Most Influential CIOs

lizzyben writes: Tiffany & Co., the Houston Rockets and Peace Corps might sound like strage bedfellows, but the technology execs at these organizations are said to be three of the 100 most influential CIOs in the U.S., as ranked by the editors of Baseline, CIO Insight and eWeek. And as it happens, nearly 20% of these uber-techies are women.

Rankings are based on "track record of IT success, scope of influence beyond his or her own organization, the ability to effect change, level of engagement in developing today's emerging technologies and the return on technology investments in the person's company."

Some of those lauded may not be much to look at (the slideshow includes photos), but their work appears to be paying off.

Submission + - New Security Survival Guide: Defending with Layers

lizzyben writes: In this special security report, Baseline magazine takes a detailed look at an emerging class of security tools and the pitfalls that can ensue when they are not properly configured, managed or integrated with existing systems.

From the story: "Organizations can get caught in a cycle of adding layers of technology every time a new class of security products emerges, says John Pescatore, a vice president and research fellow at Gartner in Stamford, Conn. "If you keep spending on more and more layers, you start eating up more and more of the I.T. budget, leaving less money for meeting new business demands and applications," he warns.

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