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Comment Re:Missing the point of bitcoin (Score 1) 94

No, service providers are always a good thing. Bitcoin's biggest feature is that the currency's printing is controlled by math, not by a central bank. The transmission is controlled by a trustless P2P network, not by a banking network. But there will always be services built around it, and it's a good thing.

Comment Re:Questionable List (Score 1) 657

1. no you can't, windows does not restore your PC to FACTORY status, only the vendor restore disk can do that. 2. I'm pretty sure windows update don't update vendor software or BIOS. Btw, updating BIOS is very safe today, there's no chance you can mess up your BIOS at all. You are thinking of 2002 BIOS update maybe, not 2012. BIOS update is very useful, probably the single most significant way to boost compatibility and performance. 3. Webcam/camera don't always come with software, especially the used ones, and the vendor software isn't usually better than the Cyberlink software. You are getting a paid software for free, why complain. 4. Spotify, I agree, there's no point to pre-install

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