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Comment Re:Problem is a matter of Fraud. Rent vs Sell (Score 3, Interesting) 243

difference is when you buy a house and screw something up it's on you to fix it yourself or pay someone. sometimes you might even get fined by your town or thrown in jail

with a lot of this stuff people buy and then break it with cheap supplies or bad parts and then run to the manufacturer demanding warranty service. i've used cheap off brand toner in the 90's and when i got rid of it my HP Laserjet printers suddenly stopped jamming every other day.

Comment Re:This is bullcrap (Score 1) 520

the fifth amendment is so the cops can't torture you to force you to confess like used to happen in Europe around the time it was written. I read an interesting book one time how they used to put you on the rack and break your bones until you confessed or they were sure you really didn't do it.

the concept that the police can collect evidence and you have to give up evidence of your guilt has been around for a long time cause justice trumps your right to break the law

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

from all the stories i've heard of Europe there are a few national universities and one or two city universities in each city. doing well academically means you ace the junior or senior year exams that make the SAT look like a play date

my guess is something like the top 20% of the students go on to college and the rest you GTFO school, learn a trade and do whatever you can and unlike the USA you're forever locked out of the jobs that will require a degree from a good school.

in the USA you can go to an average city college, get straight A's, study your a$$ off for some graduate school entrance exam and get into a top law or medical school. or graduate from an average school and work your a$$ off at work and work into a high paying job that may usually need a degree from a top school

most CEO's in the USA today didn't go to the top schools for their bachelor's degrees but worked their way up

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