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Comment Dear effing Idiot Webmasters... (Score 2) 79


Stop playing games trying to identify the user agent and sending to different pages,. Mozilla has gone off the deep end, and there are multiple forks of Firefox (I use Pale Moon). Many idiot webmasters try to match user-agent to one of the "big 3 or 4". If the match fails, they assume it's some weird mobile browser, and force even desktop browsers to the mobile site. If I specify "", I want the desktop version, not the mobile version.

If you absolutely insist on doubling your workload, go ahead and create a separate "", but please don't try to force users to it, because it probably sucks. A couple of "obligatory" cartoons for you...

Comment Re:Failbook knows NOTHING about me (Score 1) 181

> You're a fool. There's extensive datacollection from Facebook on other web sites, tied
> to cookies, browser fingerprinting and various other means. Even here on Slashdot.

IP ranges to block... -
Facebook Ireland Ltd
IE -
NL -
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.
Facebook, Inc.

Comment Philadelphia cops beat you to that one. (Score 1) 95

> A better analogy would be if you owned a large apartment complex, and one of
> your tenants was found to be running a prostitution business from one of the
> rooms. Notionally you could be in a place to find out who was running it, where
> they were running it, and you could stop it.

> Whether you should or not is another question. And if you should, the
> mechanism by which you should do so is yet another question.

You may think you're making up stupid shit as a counter-example... but...

1) unknown to parents, their son sells drugs from home
2) police seize the parents' house
3) profit


Comment #RedmondHat ... the new meme (Score 1) 534

Same mentality. You will take what we tell you to.

What gets people really annoyed is that Redhat / Poettering have hijacked mainstream linux. Yes, I understand that Redhat runs "services in the cloud". And that having VM's spin up a few seconds faster means they can run fewer VM's in reserve, and therfore save RAM/CPU/electricity and, most importantly for their shareholders, MONEY.

If Redhat had offered systemd/pulseaudio/avahi/dbus as "extra features" on their distro, no-one would've complained. The complaints come from the fact that Redmondhat is trying to push their crud down the throats of all linux users. They took advantage of the fact that some of the voting members on the Debian council were Redmondhat employees. When the Debian council voted on standardizing on one startup system, guess which way the Redmondhat employees voted? Since Debian is the base from which Ubunti+variants, plus a lot of other distros, build on, Redmondhat now brags about "widespread adoption" of systemd.

I run Gentoo, but even there, I can't totally escape Redmondhat. I stopped using GNOME long ago, because it was too bloated. So the fact that GNOME now has a gratuitously hard-coded dependancy on systemd didn't affect me. But I do use GNUMERIC, which seems to be the best spreadsheet. In Gentoo, you can see dependancies being pulled in. Years ago, GNUMERIC did not require harfbuzz and ghostscript, but now it does. And it requires GTK+3 which now requires dbus.

Years ago, OS/2 was my first love. When it flopped, I looked around for another non-Microsoft alternative. I fell in love with lightweight, snappy, modular GNU/Lin-ux. But now it has degenerated into bloated, slow, monolithic GNOME/Lenn-ax. Coincidentally, Arca Noae is expected to release ArcOS 5.0 later this year. The 5.0 is the next version after OS/2 4.52, the last maintenance release by IBM. I may have no choice, but to go back.

Comment Re:Responsibility. (Score 1) 191

> There is also still a strong social stigma against seeking mental health. Nobody is
> embarrassed to say something like "My arm was broke so I went to see the doctor,"
> but the moment someone utters the phrase "mental health" everyone thinks of
> him as crazy, weak, and pathetic.

Problem... if you go see a psychiatrist once, you become virtually unemployable in many sought-after jobs. This has to change before people will consider seeing a psychiatrist.

Unfortunately, "big data" has ways of finding out if you've ever visited a psychiatrist. And even if they don't, it can always make the patient a target for blackmail years later.

Comment 6-of-one, half-a-dozen of the other (Score 1) 990

> The trick is to pre-warm the vehicle in a garage both at home and at work.
> And that user scenario accounts for most of the mileage this electric vehicle sees.

Great. You've reduced burning hydrocarbons, or using electricity, to power your car, in winter. But you've replaced that portion with burning hydrocarbons, or using electricity, to heat a garage in winter. Care to compute the overall cost?

Submission + - Microsoft to only offer updates in bundles for Windows 7, 8.1 and Server (

whoever57 writes: Starting in October, Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Server (up to 2012 R22) users will receive updates in the form of cumulative updates. It will no longer be possible to select from a list of security-related updates: instead, users will be presented with an all or nothing option.
The only option will be a choice between all updates (security and non-security updates) or security updates only.

Comment More like when they were born (Score 1) 426

> but that number falls off drastically after 75;

Correction... but that number falls off drastically for people born before 1941. They were in their 40's when the first, floppy-based IBM PC hit the market. They aren't making those pre-1941 people any more. In 20 years, the 75-year-olds will have been born in 1961, and will have had significant exposure to computers during their working lives.

Comment Unlock != Root (Score 1) 122

> You do realize that at least in the U.S. once you reach the end of your
> contract period (or, for prepaid services, after certain other conditions
> are met) the carrier is required to unlock the phone at your request.

Unlock == allow the phone to be transferred to another (compatable) carrier's network, and subscribe to phone/data service from that other carrier

Root == take full control of your phone, allowing you to remove bundled crapware, or even install an alternate OS like Cyanogen Mod.

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