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Comment What about data usage? (Score 1) 413

> (if you don't operate on any data).

FTFY. ISPs in the US are getting rid of, or raising the price of unlimited data plans. It's bad enough having Youtube chewing up your monthly allotment. When you start pushing years of personal photos back and forth across the net, you may find that a one-time purchase of a $2,000 PC costs less after a couple of years.

Comment Re:Not news until his salary is $0 (Score 1) 336

> The trick is not BEING in business. The trick is STAYING in business.

It also helps to have Microsoft bail you out when you're facing bankruptcy...


> The 1997 deal came within weeks of Apple facing bankruptcy and was announced
> as part of a broad patent cross-licensing agreement and a promise from
> Microsoft to provide its Office software to Macs in exchange for Internet Explorer
> being the default browser on Apple's machines. In reality, it was a move to make
> Microsoft look competitive and not be penalised for monopolising the market.

Like the article said, the only reason MS saved Apple in 1997 was to avoid officially being pronounced a monopoly.

Comment Re: Talk about overreach and inconsistent (Score 1) 72

> This. They're only doing it because D-Link is a Taiwanese company.
> We're seeing racist Trump in action. If he wasn't racist he'd go after
> Microsoft because of their security problems that they refuse to fix.

Errr, uhhhm, Trump is still 2 weeks away from being sworn in as president. A year ago, they were blaming everything on global warming. Now they're blaming everything on Trump.

Comment The USSR didn't nuke the USA... (Score 1) 333

> OTOH having foreign governments spreading propaganda and misinformation in your country
> is enough of a national security question that you can't just throw up your hands and do nothing.

So you're saying that the USSR should've nuked the USA because of Voice of America https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... and Radio Free Europe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... shortwave broadcasts?

Comment Democrats want to censor the net in the USA (Score 2) 34

They're pissed off because their near-monopoly of the lib-left newspapers, CNN (Clinton News Network), MSNBC (Most Socialist Network on Basic Cable), etc was easily bypassed. That's what cost Hillary the election.


> Three years before Matt Drudge changed the world and how news would be
> consumed, President Bill Clinton's White House feared that the Internet was allowing
> average citizens, especially conservatives, to bypass legacy gatekeepers and
> access information that had previously been denied to them by the mainstream press.

3 years later, it happened. One of the "legacy gatekeepers", Newsweek was considering doing a story breaking the Clinton-Lewinski scandal. But management killed the story. Instead a lowly store clerk with a modem broke the story... you've heard of Matt Drudge http://www.drudgereport.com/ Hillary clinton's reaction was to whine about the lack of "gatekeepers".

What would've happened if Hillary had won?
> Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign has sent out a fundraising
> email arguing the website Breitbart News has no "right to exist,"
> and suggests that if elected, the website will be shut down entirely.

Comment A flimsy excuse for martial law (Score 1) 404

On Jan 19th, Obama says... Because we wuz hacked, the election results cannot be allowed to stand. And since Russia has shown that it can hack our elections, we can't trust any future American elections. Therefore I am suspending the electoral process, and proclaiming myself president-for-life

Comment Re:We can't have that (Score 1) 119

> As usual the idiots haven't even bothered to read the summary.

>> According to the Czech interior ministry, its new unit won't be interrogating anyone, censoring
>> online content or bringing legal proceedings, nor will it "have a button for 'switching off the internet.'"

yet... Wait till stage 2 or 3.

Comment Re:same solution as ever (Score 1) 56

>> These things all have the same solution: restore from your daily backup, which should not be
>> pushed from the machine in question

> If the backup is not "pushed" from the machine in question, then
> how is the backup created?

The Windows machine grants read access to a remote backup machine (linux/bsd/whatever) on the network. The remote machine reads the current file version and backs it up. Note that *THE WINDOWS MACHINE MUST NOT HAVE WRITE ACCESS TO THE BACKUP MACHINE*. An infected Windows machine can encrypt anything it has write access to. It's not just the local hard drive or a USB key in a USB port. A samba or nfs ahare on a linux or bsd machine is designed to emulate a local hard drive. That includes writing to it, if given the necessary permission.

> Or do you mean don't backup the infected/ransomed machine AFTER it has been infected?

That's what *VERSIONING BACKUPS* are for. It's not a new idea. Ask any software developer about git, subversion, mercurial, etc. They can go back to a snapshot at a specific point in time. E.g. if a developer updates a program, and discovers... oh bleep; the update makes it crash on startup on other peoples' machines... then they can "revert" the update and go back to the previous working version. Similarly, if the latest backup of your important spreadsheet is encrypted, the versioning backup can step back to the latest non-encrypted version.

Comment The lib-left does it too (Score 2) 83

> Anytime someone asks questions about my concern for privacy online and why
> I find data collection so dangerous ("But I am doing nothing wrong and
> have nothing to hide, so why should I care?"), I point to McCarthyism
> and the anti-communism mania from the 1940's and 1950's. In the late 1940's,
> the House Committee on Un-American Activities (Yes, that's really the
> name of a U.S. House of Representatives investigative committee) began to
> subpoena Hollywood types (screenwriters, directors, actors, etc.) and ask
> them to testify about known or suspected membership in the Communist
> Party, association with its members, or support of its beliefs.

In 2008, Brendan Eich donated $1,000 to the campaign for California Proposition 8 (2008) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... to ban same-sex marriage. This was not an extremist niche idea. Proposition 8 won the support of a majority of voters, and passed into law.

Less than 6 years later, he became CEO of Mozilla Corporation. Gay activists found out about his contribution, and had him run out of office. Of course, if he had fired an employee for supporting gay rights, the lib-left and the courts would've been all over him.

The take-away is that just because you support the majority opinion today, don't expect to be immune tomorrow.

Comment Re:Inflation is only low for the upper class (Score 2) 297

Agreed, the cost of food, shelter, clothing, and transportation is going up like crazy, while electronics go down.

* Summer of 2007, I bought a 50 inch TV (1366x768 resolution) for $3500 Canadian. Today, 48-to-50 inch TVs (1920x1080 resolution) can be had for $350. That's a 90% drop in price.

* Stuff you really need, like food, shelter, clothing, and transportation has been constatnly increasing. I remember my first car, a new 1974 Ford Maverick 4-door. It cost $4,070 including taxes. Nowadays a compact 4-seater is at least $20,000


TTC Fare Structure, July 1, 1954:
> Adult day fares: 15cents cash; 5 tickets for 50cents 20 tickets for $2.
> Children: 5cents cash; 6 tickets for 25cents
> Scholars: 10 tickets for 55cents


As of January, the fare structure will be
> Adult (cash) $3.5
> Adult (token or Presto-card) $3.00
> "S" fare (Senior or Student) (cash) $2.10
> "S" fare (Senior or Student) (ticket or Presto-card) $2.05

Food, clothing, and housing (own or rent) have also skyrocketed. See http://www.thepeoplehistory.co... for some scarey numbers. To summarize... the current "2%" number is an an outright lie. The real number is a lot worse for people in the working class.

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