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Submission + - Windows tax now optional at HP

An anonymous reader writes: I've read alot lately about the lack of pre-installed Linux on new machines, and the virtually mandatory Windows tax that customers must pay with most new computers. I haven't found anything WRT the former, but apparently it is possible to opt-out of the latter (up to $100 in some cases) when customizing the options for small and medium business level notebooks from HP's online store. I'll likely take advantage of that option (if it's still available) if/when I'm ready to buy a new notebook.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Nerds vs. Geeks -- A Fair Definition?

MacDaffy writes: "Former Bush administration counter-terrorism and cyber-security tsar (Clarke says the TS is for "top-security") was a guest on Comedy Central's Colbert Report last week (01/17/07). In response to Colbert asking if Clarke had been Bush's "chief security nerd", Clarke corrected Colbert: "Chief Geek... geeks get it done; nerds don't." Fair assessment? Any comment, hackers?"
The Internet

Submission + - Netscape: "JK!" DTD safe forever

Randall Bennett writes: "Previously, the folks at Netscape accidentally removed the rss 0.92 DTD, then restored it saying it'd be removed July 1st. Now, the kids are keeping the file around indefinitely. Chris Finke says the file will stick around, at least till AOL moves the Internet's oldest brand onto another project again."

10 Best IT Products Of 2006 223

digihome writes "CRN.com chooses the ten best new products of 2006, including the best development tools, server, notebook and storage device. Some of the choices may surprise you ... such as their choice for operating system of the year." From the article: "With Windows Vista, Microsoft has refreshed the user desktop experience. While debate rages over whether the five-year wait was worth it, the truth is Vista is pretty much the only game in town. One may question whether Vista should be bestowed with Product of the Year recognition in the operating system category. But the product unquestionably brings new features and capabilities to solution providers that in turn promise new revenue generation dialogues with end users."

Submission + - Broadcasting boost for viral video

John McLaney writes: "A new startup company named Look At My Broadcast, otherwise known as LambCast is proud to announce their much anticipated launch. LambCast aims to be the best desktop application to deliver YouTube entertainment with many options such as a scalable video window and a TV output for a second display through a compatible video card. LambCast offers a variety of options so that its users can create playlists with private videos, download their favorite videos in an Ipod and Zune compatible format, and easy distribution of playlists for both personal and professional use. LAMbCast also offers a smaller application named LambList to distribute a collection of YouTube clips of a family vacation or even a sitcom with advertisements just like a TV network. Founded in 2004 by William G. Blanchard, an inventor who writes and submits his own patents, states: "LAMbCast adds the next level of true web to desktop and TV broadcasting power. We are providing a system for anyone that would like to walk into their local cable company and receive a personal cable channel. We know the cable company can't assign personal cable channels, but with LAMbCast, you now have your own broadcasting channel through the computer with YouTube.com acting as a video repository. LAMbCast will open the door for Internet video programmers to tap into a $285 billion dollar yearly ad revenue stream that is currently only reserved for traditional broadcast television. Our goal is to offer industry leading and incredibly innovative software applications to the public that will heighten entertainment and eventually generate revenue for our users." LAMbCast is available in free and premium versions. With their affordable premium subscription rate of only $1 per month, LambCast takes pride in their products and services being available to everyone in the world. Beginning December 24, 2006, this application will be available via www.LambCast.com and also on www.download.com."
User Journal

Journal Journal: Nintendo has a winner. 9

Nintendo is the winner of the 'next-gen' wars because they have managed to do the impossible.

My. Wife. Is. Now. A. Gamer.

My wii number thingy (that I"m not usre how to use yet) is:
2658 5111 1778 2819

The Media

Submission + - Next-Gen Nominates Penny-Arcade

zyl0x writes: "Next-Gen just released the 2006 list of the top 25 contributers to the gaming industry, and it's no surprise to see Mike and Jerry pulling it at 23 for their work through Penny-Arcade. From the article:
It's part of the fabric of this business. The site has 3.5 million readers worldwide while the spin-off PAX live event attracted 20,000 people this year. Penny Arcade has partnered with the ESRB in creating an advertising campaign to increase awareness and the duo topped MTV's Most Influential Gamers list in June. It also launched the Penny Arcade Scholarship, a $10,000 annual grant to financially assist a future member of the game industry. Perhaps most importantly, its work for charity Child's Play has raised more than $495,000 worth of toys, games and books on the wish lists of more than 35 participating children's hospitals.
Am I the only one a bit hurt to see EA employee Mitch Lasky at spot 18?"

Month of Apple Bugs Debuts in January 171

An anonymous reader writes "A pair of security researchers has picked January 2007 as the Month of Apple Bugs, a project in which each passing day will feature a previously undocumented security hole in Apple's OS X operating system or in Apple applications that run on top of it. According to a post over at The Washington Post's Security Fix blog, the project is being put together by researchers Kevin Finisterre and the guy who ran November's Month of Kernel Bugs project." From the post: "It should be interesting to see whether Apple does anything to try and scuttle this pending project. In November, a researcher who focuses most of his attention on bugs in database giant Oracle's software announced his intention to launch a "Week of Oracle Database Bugs" project during the first week of December. The researcher abruptly canceled the project shortly after the initial announcement, without offering any explanation."

Submission + - Web programming development environment?

umdenken writes: "I'd like to know how other slashdotters do their server-side web programming: We have dozens of perl cgi scripts, and are currently doing development by editing these production scripts in place on the web server. (!!) Our sysadmins have finally installed the svn client on the server (Solaris), and have offered to create a new virtual host that we can use as the development server. I'd like to have an idea of what some best practices currently are, for organizing this kind of set up. Thanks!"

Submission + - Video Game Viral Videos of The Year

Larry C writes: "If you like baseball, you like Vin Scully and you played the Nintedo Entertainment System as a kid, this video may actually make you cry.

In our series of video game virals of the year this video tugs at my heart strings. As a young boy I watched the 1986 World Series with my brother, my best buddies and hung on the every word of the great Vin Scully's call. (If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to Vin Scully call a baseball game, please do it. You will not regret it)
This video is from earlier in the year and may be the best mashup of a video game and real life ever. Bold statement but to be sure, but this is a work of very, very high quality. Enjoy."

Submission + - PC-BSD calling for translators

An anonymous reader writes: I've been very happy to see the positive response and the dynamic initiative of our translators. It's very nice to see individuals from around the world giving some of their valuable time like us to contribute to a system like PC-BSD, which is community-driven, open-source and free of charge.

http://blog.pcbsd.org/index.php?/archives/10-Publi c-call-for-translators.html

Submission + - When Vista Goes Bad

LifesABeach writes: "My job has come to a point where buying a laptop is needed; And the family finances can afford it. So during my web surfing, errrr product analysis, I discover that Microsoft XP/Vista will have the ability to shut my computer down, without my permission. I am beginning to think of the epic event in which Sony's idea of "protection" of their songs was deemed a "Root Kit." I do not have time to mess with some show off lawyer team chocking up the courts. When I buy my computer, Microsoft is NOT a part owner of it. My obvious concern is that I require the use of Linux along with the ability to test on that other OS. My question is, "is XP/Vista going to do something stupid by disabling MY computer in MY day to day normal use of MY Machine which is to multi-partition the hard drive for linux and give that other OS about 40 gig?""
User Journal

Journal Journal: Giving In to the Terrorists

Are we giving the terrorists what they want?

What do terrorists want? They want to "terrorize." The people they kill are only collateral damage; the point of terrorism is not what they do, but our reaction to it: terror. They also kill and destroy so that they can become infamous - to glorify their goals of world domination, to bask in the glory of false importance that is terrorism's reward, and thus to recruit more terrorists.


Submission + - Origin of Quake3's Fast InvSqrt() - Part Two

geo writes: "The end of Beyond3D.com's original article on this topic finished off with us opining about the author, saying that the last man we'd probably ever find that'd touched the code is Gary Tarolli, ex SGI, ex 3dfx, now at NVIDIA. After passing by coding luminaries such as John Carmack, Michael Abrash and Terje Mathison, attributing at least some part of it to Gary seemed pretty fitting given his history and contributions to modern 3D graphics, not least the fact he's a seriously good programmer too, and we left it at that. Thinking that was it, we published and publicised and Slashdot picked it up, giving the piece some very hefty exposure. Exposure enough, it transpires, to have the real author say hello and own up to it. So it's not quite Gary, but rather another Silicon Valley veteran with a name beginning with G. Step forward, Greg Walsh."

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