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Comment Re:Summon into back of trailer mode? (Score 1) 408

In some states, AZ at least, it is actually city specific. For example, in Phoenix it is legal to park facing the wrong way, but in Glendale (a suburb of Phoenix) it is illegal.

As for safety, it really does depend on the local conditions. In the Phoenix area, most of the residential streets are wide enough and have a low traffic volume, so it is easy to tell if it is safe to drive off. Most of the major streets either do not allow parking on the side of the road, or have clearly designated parking spaces that make it almost impossible to park in the opposite direction.

Comment Re:Religion and determinism? (Score 1) 386

I find it puzzling that Christians in particular seem to be irritated by the idea of a lack of free will. More than once I've seen a religious person irritated when the notion of determinism came up in a discussion. What is the connection there?

People become irritated for many reasons. However, one possible reason is because determinism is a subtle attack on them and on their beliefs. They may not be able to articulate the attack, but recognize that it is one. They may not even be able to mount a defence or counter-attack and feel frustrated without understanding why.

Christians are told that they must a) Have faith and b) choose to follow Christ. (Many Christian sects differ on the definition of "follow Christ", but they all state that it must be done.)

If there is no free will, how can one have faith? How can you trust someone to reward you for your actions if your actions are meaningless? People choose to "follow Christ" in hope of a reward. By taking away free will, you are taking away their hope of a reward.

Determinism basically calls people stupid for making the choices they did, as well as takes away their hope of an eternal reward. Is it really surprising that they get irritated?

Isn't it conflictive to believe in an all-knowing and all-powerful deity while at the same believing in freedom of choice?

Not really. If there is an all-knowing and all-powerful deity, there must be a reason why we are here. After all, if this deity already knows who will be rewarded and who will be punished, why aren't we already in Heaven or Hell? If nothing we do makes a difference, why are we made to do anything at all? If you accept an all-powerful, all-knowing deity, then you must accept that there is a reason we are here. One possible reason is that we as individuals are important to this deity, and that we gain something by going through this experience. If we do learn and grow by making choices, it follows that this deity could allow us to make choices, even if the results of the choices were known in advance. Knowing what someone will choose is not taking away their choice.

Some people believe that an all-powerful, all-knowing being is forced to manipulate the out-come of all choices, thus removing free-will. Others believe that the same being is free to choose not to manipulate those choices. Thus, to them, an all-powerful, all-knowing being does not conflict with freedom of choice.

Comment Re:Different types of terms (Score 1) 175

So would it be "LAMEAN" perhaps? :)

Pretty sure that this is a deliberate attempt to make the project have a more appealing name. LAMEAN is likely to be pronounced with a bad Spanish accent, "La MEAN," or pronounced as two words, "LAME AN." I can hear someone saying, "That project was LAME AN' just not worth it."

Comment Re:Ok I'll try: (Score 2) 67

From what i can quickly gather from the article:

This is all based on magnonics, which in short - is the use of magnetic spin for binary storage and or logic. This device focuses on the later...

From what I could tell from the article, it appears to focus on both. The device allows them to quickly create and store a pattern. It then allows another pattern to be created and quickly compare the patterns.

It does this by constructing a matrix of magnetic nodes that are effectively interconnected to neighbours (moor?) via spatial magnetic-spin sensitivity, these interconnects form the dynamic logic processing ability of the matrix.

I think that this is somewhat like a (soft) convolutional artificial neural network for image recognition, these are constructed out of a 2d or 3d matrix of nodes with weighted interconnects in a moor-neighbourhood arrangement. The difference here i guess is that a) it's done with magnetic spin (i really have no idea why this is an advantage, maybe i'm all wrong about this) and b) being an application specific piece of hardware each node works in parallel (this is trumped as the primary reason for the speed potential in the article).

... Big disclaimer: I am massively speculating because the use case is not made super clear.

From what I could tell, the advantage of the magnetic spin is that with an 8 terminal node, it can quickly create a matrix of 1,000 bits of data. It can then compare that matrix with a stored matrix. With several nodes working in parallel, it takes the same time to compare 1,000 bits of data as 10,000,000. The potential (and right now, only potential) is that a computing device with this hardware integrated in could compare an image with a stored image much faster than conventional circuits could make the comparison and result in a better matching algorithm.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 101

Can you change the price?

From the article photo, it looks like the 'pump' is actually some sort of monitoring device used to track how much gas/diesel is in the storage tanks. I imagine that gets used by suppliers to anticipate delivery requirements.

I don't know if the same system is used to control the pricing at the customer pumps, and the article doesn't make it clear. I'd guess than since this was published there are going to be some who will be trying it out though.

Depends on the monitoring device. Some of the monitoring devices connect to both the pumps and the tanks so that you can compare how much gas was pumped vs how much gas is left in the tank. Although it is not 100% accurate, if there are leaks or pumps that are way out of calibration, the device might be the first indication that there is a problem. And yes, the major use is to track how many times a tanker needs to come by and fill up the storage tanks.

On systems with Pay-at-the-Pump that take credit/debit cards, the same device connects the pumps to the authorization systems. Sometimes this is over a phone line, but some deal with satellite or internet connection to the authorization centers. These monitoring devices have a lot more control over what is displayed at the pump, and sometimes you can change pricing through the device. The ones that have this kind of control are *supposed* to have better security, but having to type a pin or password each time you connect to it is "really inconvenient."

Comment Re:Star Traders? (Score 1) 227

I LOVE that game!! Don't want to be a trader? Try being a smuggler!
Don't like smugglers? Be a Bounty Hunter!!
Fighting not your style? Play an Explorer!
Maybe intrigue between factions is more your thing. Play a Spy!
There are many ways to play Star Traders.

Come to think of it, I play Star Traders on Android, so maybe that is why this new game is only for Windows, OSX, or iPad. The market already has this game (or a better game) on Android.

Comment Work with your Optometrist! (Score 1) 464

I have progressive lenses and work on computers all day long. But my first pair were horrible! When I complained to my optometrist, he asked me to demonstrate where I held my book/phone for reading. He explained that my distance was not average, but that he could adjust the focal length to fit. The second pair of lenses was much better.

Remember Knarfling's Universal Law of Individuality. "No one else is me!" Your optometrist usually makes a good guess at making your glasses fit your eyesight, but he is not you and cannot see what you see.

Some people never get used to progressive lenses. Some people cannot live comfortably without them. Only you are you, and only you will know if progressive lenses will work for you. But if you never tell your optometrist about the problem, there is no way he or she can fix it! When you do go back in to explain the issue, be prepared to demonstrate the distance from your eyes to your reading material. It will make a difference.

Comment Definition of ClickBait (Score 2) 238

It all depends on you definition of clickbait. The most strict definition is bait that makes you click somthing. It could be a link in an email, or a link on a web page. Since some people, not just advertisers, keep score by the number of clicks they receive, and clickbait is something that gets people to click.

A more broad definition would include clicking on a remote control of a TV. News programs are famous for clickbait lines designed to keep you from clicking the remote to a different channel. "When we come back...." It is all designed to keep you watching their advertisements, or watching their news. (Sometimes there is no difference between news and advertisements.)

To me it is all the same. Once in a while it is worth it to click/watch, but most of the time I remember that they don't really care if I learn something or am entertained. To them I am one more set of eyeballs or one more mouse click. Anything as long as they can get me to "click," and I increase their score by one.

Comment Re:I watched half an episode (Score 1) 193

I don't like receiving my packages unbroken, could we use UPS instead?

ummm.... perhaps I should clarify. While charging "shipping and handling" implies that something will be shipped, I did not actually say that the bridge would be shipped. Only that you would be charged shipping and handling fees at FedEx rates.

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