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Submission + - India Launches Final Satellite for Its Own Version of GPS

vasanth writes: India on Thursday entered an exclusive club of five nations that have their own satellite navigation and positioning system with the launch of IRNSS-1G,known as Navic, the country’s seventh navigation satellite.

For many years now, India has been mostly dependent on the Global Positioning System built by the US. However, when the USA denied GPS information during the Kargil war in 1999, the nation felt the need for an indigenous navigation system. The system–previously called the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System was designed to provide accurate position information to users in India and as far as 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) from its borders.

India has been gaining recognition worldwide as a low-cost option for sending satellites into orbit. In 2014, it put a satellite into the orbit of Mars, becoming the first country in Asia to reach the red planet. India’s space minister Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday that the country also plans to launch a communications satellite that will provide enhanced bandwidth connectivity to rural areas.

The ISRO’s rocket, the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, or PSLV, also carried five satellites from the U.K..The space agency said it was the thirty-fourth consecutive successful mission for the PSLV. ISRO plans to launch 22 satellites in another flight of PSLV including 19 satellites from four countries: 13 from the U.S., three from Germany, two from Canada and one from Indonesia.

Comment Re:Misleading google+ figures (Score 1) 274

That's because the numbers from Compete do not correspond to reality. is tracking some preselected panel of people, which in no way could represent the entire site usage. And then they stretch and inflate that data, and call it the "site profile".

For the reference, here's another such Google+ profile, from Alexa, which shows no "dramatic growth" whatsoever:

Submission + - MeeGo will transition to Tizen, HTML5 (

kmike writes: The ill-fathomed MeeGo, after being abandoned by Nokia, is going to throw it all away again and shift to HTML5 in the new Tizen project, supported by The Linux Foundation. I guess it's going to relive its history once more — anyone remember Maemo?

Submission + - Slideshare ditches Flash, rebuilds site in HTML5 (

Frankie70 writes: Slideshare has ditched Adobe Flash technology entirely, and rebuilt its website using the HTML5 markup language. This means that SlideShare is now viewable on every kind of mobile device, from iPads to iPhones to Android devices and beyond.

Submission + - Bizarre "Diamond Planet" Discovered ( 1

astroengine writes: "It was once the core of a star, but now has the mass of a planet. It is composed of dense carbon with a crystal-like structure. Yes, it's a bona fide planet made from diamond.

The object, called J1719-1438, circles a pulsing companion star (pulsar) about 4,000 light years from Earth in the constellation Serpens (The Snake), which lies about one-eighth of the way toward the center of the Milky Way."

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