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Journal Journal: Parallel Probability Prediction

It is possible that the futures tree of all possible futures can be predicted by a sufficently sophisticated processor. Events can be accurately guessed, given enough data, the allowance for free will and the fact that people are almost as predictable as any other animal.
There is however, only one true future, on which I aim to find in my predictions. I can usually find the branch on which it lies on the tree. Each event is like a leaf that unfolds on the branch.
What is needed is a better analogy, maybe even a bad one?

Perhaps I should state this in the way I dreamt of it:
The universe is but one in a multiverse of parallel dimensions, we exist in a small pool of reality defined by the time that has past us by and the time yet to arrive in the future.
The main point is, we can only be uncertain of which particular pool the future will arrive from, to become our present depends on the decisions made by the inhabitants of the current reality. However, it is possible to put in a model the weights in the neural networks surrounding each decision according to what is probable.

In other words, futures can be weighed, assessed and prepared for if there is enough processing power and memory available. There is also no practical reason that I can see why people can't do this in their head.
Perhaps this could explain why some people can dream about the future, only to have it happen later and feel a sense of deja-vu.

Credit: I have developed some math for this, but it does require somewhere around 1.6 to 3.2 GHz of processing power with a 1 GB workspace. Works best on multiprocessors.


Journal Journal: Do this in real life, not online

Ladies, Gentleman and Linux penguins.
There is an experiment that all regular slashdot readers should do when they have reached the legal age of consent.
This experiment is something that you should do outside of your office job, in the privacy of your home, without paying for and with someone you wish to spend the rest of your life with in a completely serious relationship and never cheat on.

The experiment has a duration of 24 hours, and should not be recorded except on your personal diaries and preferably not on national television.
This is a certain activity that you should both enjoy while writing a letter in french.

If the duration of the experiment lasts for 5 minutes, you are underperforming to the extent that you are unwell or stressed out.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 15 minutes, you are well suited to a lifetime of conservative fiscal investment.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 30 minutes, you are well suitable to be an average employee.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 45 minutes, it seems that you will be very well suited to an executive job.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 1 hour, it seems that you will have a senior position in your job by the time you are supposed to retire.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 2 hours, you may have a senior position at your work before you retire.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 3 hours, you will probably become a senior executive halfway to the age of retirement.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 4 hours, you are capable of out-performing the rest of the boardroom before you even get promoted.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 5 hours, then you deserve to become part of the executive management team.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 6 hours, then you deserve a long weekend to recover and a bonus for talented performance.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 7 hours, then you should arrange a sick leave call and do your homework while resting.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 8 hours, then the company should pay you a consultation fee for any homework done while sick.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 9 hours, then the company should also pay you a lump sum for your long-standing company performance.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 10 hours, then the company should pay for an amount of overtime during a fiscal holiday.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 11 hours, then the company should pay a fee for equipment maintenance.
If the duration of the experiment lasts for 12 hours, then the company should also let you take an early retirement for your next career plan.

Finally, if the duration of the experiment lasts above 12 hours in one day, then you also need to own a street, so that the neighbours can't complain about being kept awake all night.

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Yes, It's a great pacific winter season, at last 3

I just love it when it's cool and wet and I can hear all the dirt of the city streets get washed away along with all the the noise my family makes.

I don't feel bored enough to watch TV, run experiments all night or let my brother pick fights for no reason.
I can just relax, tune out, think about taking my dog over the road to chase some stones or that cool place I want to build someplace that I want to own.

I don't want to get into anymore pointless arguements of Monopoly monoculture vs. Socialist community, I want to get on with my Kaos BSD project.
Liberty and Enterprise is far more important to me than pointless partisan conflict over who has the most programmers trying to make a work of shakespeare.
There comes a time in life when someone has to step forward and say "I'm on a personal mission, and I'm going to have a lot of fun doing it." "I don't care about the all the usual issues, I'm not a number."
"I'm sorry if I haven't been regular in visiting here, I'm going to go off and do something special soon."
"I couldn't give a damn about the level of misrepresentation there is about my personal life, it's my right to do many things in the way that I see best."
"I maintain certain advances that could do a lot of good, but if people get in my way, I'm more than prepared to go beyond their rules and do something cool, get credit for it this time."
[that will be the hard part, it's just free association without the need for self-censorship.]

That is probably the central issue of life, do you ever really feel the urge to swear while you build the rough model of your work ?
Whenever I'm at relaxing, I just need to let off steam.

Why yes, it's the SlimShady Redemption. It's really cool to actually buy stuff on DVDs or over the net rather than be one of those bloated civil servants or "Fit, but unwilling to get out of the welfare habit" layabouts.

So what if this is controversial ? It's simple if you know that "Freedom is the Freedom to Say 2 + 2 = 4."


Journal Journal: The concept of competition. 2

I'd like to note that the state relies on a non-competitive monopoly funding it's own rubbish that has no reliability.
I should note that this particular monopoly is so incompetant that it believes it is the only way to do things.
I should note that the sheer bloat of the monopoly corporation is so big that there is no single person able to ensure stability.
This could equally be said to apply to certain parts of the civil service, namely the farmer's monopoly markets.
This sheer lack of competitive incentives can only cause hardship for consumers and producers due to the non-productive economics of excessive amounts of lawyers, accountants, and bureacracy.

This arrangement of non-competitive economics can only become an endless cycle of corporate welfare and government welfare.
This readily becomes a trap for dependancy on the state for the limited resources it has available.
This greatly inefficient system is doomed to failure due to the sheer lack of productivity caused by self-defined academia.
In layman's terms this could be defined as a lack of drive towards expansion, diversity and new knowledge.

Perhaps this could mean that the sheer lack of the competitive spirit that drives success is lacking in those companies.
There is a sheer lack of a future in any monopoly that believes it's own statistical lies, errors and politics.
This can only lead down into a black hole that distorts the postive shape of 4 dimensional space/time and can only be recycled out on the negative side of 4 dimensional space/time.

GNU is Not Unix

Journal Journal: Public Information Service Software 4

I'm sick and tired of linux freaks talking about free software when it's clear that linux isn't free speech, free choice or free cost software.
Linux should be called Public Information Service Software, then it gets an accurate acronym that means something .

PISS on your computer? I think .not
BSD is the only operating system license that is honest when it says it's free.


Journal Journal: What is meta moderation? 6

We've all heard the discussions about meta moderation, but is it true?
Today, I just woke up and logged on to find I had been granted meta moderation. My karma is now finally back to 0, so I got selected.
I should explain that this is not bitchslapping access, that right is reserved for editors.

Meta Moderation is detailed at and tells you that you may meta moderate 10 moderations today.
I guess that is is twice the amount of moderators get, although I have only been a moderator on macslash before this.
(I currently have -7 karma on macslash, so I might not get back to 0 for another month at this rate)

BTW, although I currently have metamod, I'm not using it for evil. I'm also not a linux fan. Perhaps I can bring some balance to the force of moderators?

If anyone has some ideas about metamoderation, please reply to this journal.
I'm always willing to take advice, even if it's just first post.


Journal Journal: New Website 6

Hi there, I just got the domain name after turning up at TelstraClear's offices opposite the Stadium today. I guess I had to, I had wasted hours on the musical torture hold circuit. It turns out all the paradise staff were in a meeting about redundancies from the TelsraSaturn - Clear merger.

Journal Journal: Kaos User Interface 2

Somebody please save me, Jef Raskin is trying to convert me to all his strange ideas on operating systems.
There has to be a simpler way than just doing everything through text, but I can't get my point across to Jef.
I've been adding features that you people have asked for, surely that can't be wrong from a design point of view.

I'm confused now and I'm going to take longer to sort out the UI drafts.

However, I'll be ready to draw up a better website for my new domain name that I should have going by Friday.
If I get the name, then I will announce it on my slashdot sig first.

So long for now, and thanks for all the fish.


Journal Journal: KaosBSD FAQ 2

What is KAOS?
KAOS is a new operating system based on OpenBSD, it is all of OpenBSD and a new exokernel based system which runs the core system on a ramdisk.

The goals of KAOS are speed and security, by using an exokernel and a ramdisk, the harddrive is used less and gives you a lot faster use of the machine.
The security is a very sophisticated crypto system I designed to be very difficult to break and is illegal to program in the USA, UK, Russia, France & China.
So you are getting the best crypto inside the OS, not the stuff that echelon has already broken.

How is this useful?
Let's say you want to swap MP3 files but you don't want to be arrested for violating the DMCA act of the USA.
You use an Agile Network program like Samizdat (like gnutella or freenet) to hide what you're trading from the network censors.
Samizdat is built into KaosBSD and maybe released as Java later, the main point is you have freespeech on the internet as it has an IM part.

When is this happening?
Kaos is in development, it should have a working version later this year.
Because it's designed in Java2, key applications will be ready this year as demonstrations of KAOS tools.

If you have any comments or questions, just email me:

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: KAOS wants you!

4 score and 7 days ago, we embarked on a epic adventure to find the relics of KAOS. We have searched here and there for evidence of KAOS and found sweet fuck all... Sure, we have found a new magic lamp but have nothing new but my own notes to go from and some good words to use in my reports. Therefore, I invite you to tell me what you want to have in an Operating System and I'll do my best to get it in.
User Journal

Journal Journal: The evolution of KAOS

KAOS is run by demonic management, immortal gods who have avatars that run parts of the system.

Cthulu is the Kaos Lord in charge of security, censor resistance & randomness.
Khorne is the Kaos Lord in charge of war, death & destruction.
Tzeenth is the Kaos Lord in charge of change, evolution & learning.
Slaanesh is the Kaos Lord in charge of love, lust & temptation.
Nurgle is the Kaos Lord in charge of greed, corruption & pestilence.
Bhar'ne is the Kaos Lord in charge of trolls, dinosaurs & hellspawn.

Cthulu is the ruling demon of the KAOS environment. Cthulu is an evil octopus-like god who is best represented as the beast of the lake by the mines of Moria in the Lord of The Rings.

Individual applications are groups of agents, like the programs in the Matrix.
Agents are subject to the rules of the Matrix, a virtual environment where the rules are determined by the Kaos Lords & the user.

There are 4 types of user account: Feudal, Royal, Imperial & Deity. (you can pick your title & government)
A lord is a basic user or guest with limited access to resources.
A king is a regular user without access to sensitive areas of the system.
An emperor is an administration user with access to system management.
A god is the owner at the root of the system, with absolute power to change anything.

I plan to use a game based environment to show the interaction of the agents with the Kaos Lords, their subordinates and the user.
You may personally kill any agent or demon you want, only the Kaos Lords are immortal.

More details later.


Journal Journal: Bringing KAOS to order…

I've got a better idea of the basic system layout.

KAOS is an agent based system running on top of BSD.
OpenBSD will the core system, but I'm planning on adding parts of NetBSD and FreeBSD where they are useful. for details.

Basically, you can think of the core system as a continent and the users as islands. Applications are groups of creatures, composed of several agents or demons running as sub processes.
This allows for a distributed grid approach to programs, sort of like Seti@Home, individual parts working on the same task, but the crash of 1 part does not affect the whole because the parts are just clones.

For example, I could make a KAOS version of the apache webserver, let's say I run apache just fine, then slashdot links to my server from the frontpage.
The slashdot effect then takes out the current process of apache, normally you'd only see a 404 page with too many users.
But the KAOS version of apache just loads another apache agent with the status of the previous agent still going.
This means apache keeps track of the users it had while handling the new users request for a particular page.
Apache will also have a mirror facility, if the site is getting too much traffic, it can offer to duplicate the site somewhere.

The other interesting thing is picture passwords, or PornoPassword if you want it.
This is based on an old program I was working on a few years ago, but got ripped off by a local company called Netlogic who now use it as E-See and Bankonit.

Perhaps they haven't found the big security hole I left in yet, but I don't really care.

you have to pick several pictures as your password, in order and the tree of your choices is checked to see if you picked the right images.
Another possible way to login is by picking sounds.

The system has an efficient program protection system, memory is protected, agents are shielded from tampering, logs are encrypted, etc.

If you have any ideas, feel free to through them in the mix.


Journal Journal: KAOS, my Operating System

I have decided to go ahead with KAOS, the Krypto Anarchy Operating System. (If you don't know what krypto anarchy is, it's a Killer App Operating System)

KAOS is in design phase now, it's design uses Java 2 as the draft implementation for a multi platform system.

KAOS uses new technology advances to their full in a way yet to be seen in any mainstream OS, so I won't mention them yet.

What I would like to know is what you would like in an OS.
Please use this journal or my email address to tell me what you'd like.

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